Analytics on Central Asia are relevant for a young region that is still experiencing a period of its development. The section is a source of information for a wide range of readers interested in socio-political processes, issues of regional security and economic development, as well as foreign policy in the countries of Central Asia.

While Kyrgyzstan is recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, the country’s electoral processes are in full swing. Worse still, total reframing of the Kyrgyz political landscape over the last two years has been stirring things up for both politicians switching their allegiance and an electorate. (more…)

“Protests are not always the unification of the masses on a negative foundation, but an attempt to show the authorities that the population is dissatisfied, where urgent and effective measures are needed, in order to solve the population’s problems,” expert Zamira Isakova reveals the triggers of protest moods in Kyrgyzstan in an article, written specially for CABAR .asia. (more…)

The publication “Renewable Energy Sources: What should be on the Agenda now?” was developed by Dr. Farkhod Aminjonov on the basis of the IWPR Representative Office in Central Asia and the regional analytical platform (more…)


“Blended learning, which allows the use of currently used forms of distance education in conjunction with traditional tools, can become a promising solution of finding an optimal learning model,” says expert Ekaterina Kasymova in an article written specifically for (more…)

“The sphere of religion, which a priori should be separated from politics, has become a factor determining political processes in the country and is even used as a tool to achieve political goals,” mentioned political scientist Arsen Usenov, in an article written specifically for


July 2020 in Central Asia is remembered for the crisis-ridden epidemiological situation in the region; re-imposed lockdown; nationwide mourning in two countries; unrest, mass disturbance and road closures; the foreign ministers’ meeting with China; and unprecedented Eid al-Adha celebrations. The analytical platform presents an overview of the major events in the region over the past month. (more…)

«The transition to organic agriculture will become not only the optimal solution to environmental problems in the country, but also one of the stimulating factors for further economic development,» mentions researcher Maral Sagynaliyeva in her article, written specifically for


Kyrgyzstan’s views on how to manage the water resources formed on its territory are at variance with the provisions determined by the Aral Sea Saving Fund.


“Prospects of the Kyrgyz – OSCE partnership will become even more pertinent in the light of sweeping global security issues like climate change, resilient pandemics, devastating wars, terrorist threats, and cybersecurity,” expert Kanatbek Abdiev analyzes Kyrgyzstan’s participation in the OSCE in an article just for (more…)

June 2020 in Central Asia is remembered for the crisis-ridden epidemiological situation in the region; easing and tightening of quarantine measures; various protests; the decline of free speech; arrests and convictions of activists and former officials. The analytical platform provides a brief overview of the most significant events of the region over the past month. (more…)

Eldos Abakhanov
Deputy Chairperson of the "Kazakhstan Association of Environmental Organizations"
Kanatbek Abdiev
Independent Researcher, Master in Conflict, Security and Development at King’s College of London
Marufjon Abdujaborov
Chief Specialist at the Strategic Research Center Under the President of Tajikistan. Participant of School of Analytics (Dushanbe)
Rashid Ghani Abdullo
Independent expert
Rustam Azizi
Deputy Director of the Center for Islamic Studies under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan
Ainura Akmatalieva
Expert on Foreign Policy of Central Asian States, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor at KRSU (Bishkek)
Iskander Akylbayaev
Researcher of KazISS, the Department of Foreign Policy and International Security
Guldastasho Alibakhshev
Researcher at the Center of Sociological Research "Zerkalo", School of Analytics participant (Dushanbe)
Bakhtiyor Alimdjanov
Independent researcher, Ph.D in History (Tashkent)
Dimash Alzhanov
Political scientist, member of "Oyan, Kazakhstan" movement (Almaty).
Nailya Almukhamedova
Director General of the Parasat System Research Institute; participant of the School of Analytics (Astana)
Anna Alshanskaya
Researcher, participant of the School of Analytics (Nur-Sultan)
Farkhod Aminjonov
Ph.D., senior researcher at the Eurasian Research Institute
Aydar Amrebayev
Head of the Center for Political Science and International Studies
Mahram Anvarzod
Islamic scholar
Hamidjon Arifov
PhD. in geological-mineralogical sciences, Tajik Committee of the International Commission on Large Dams, Lead Researcher at the Tajik Institute of Water Issues, Hydropower and Ecology
Eldar Asanov
Junior Researcher of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, participant of the School of Analytics (Tashkent)
Zarema Askarova
Independent expert
Indira Aslanova
Expert on religious studies
Slyamzhar Akhmedzharov
Researcher at the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, participant of School of Analytics
Anvar Babayev
PhD in Economics, Head Analyst and Director of the Population Migration Section of the Tajik Academy of Science’s Institute of Economics and Demographics
Erzhan Bagdatov
Executive Director of the Center of Media Technologies
Erkin Baydarov
Leading researcher of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan
Sheradil Baktygulov
Independent expert
Serik Beysembayev
Nazik Beishenaly
President, Union of Cooperatives of Kyrgyzstan
Nurbek Bekmurzaev
Independent researcher, participant of School of Analytics (Bishkek)
Danil Bekturganov
President of the Public Foundation "Civil Expertise"
Denis Berdakov
Political scientist
Gulmira Birzhanova
Lawyer, expert in the field of national and international media law, Kazakhstan
Valentin Bogatyrev
Head of the analytical consortium "Perspective"
Merali Bodurshozoda
Konstantin Bondarenko
Anton Bugaenko
Sinologist, chief expert of the Chinese and Asian studies program at the Institute of World Economics and Politics (Kazakhstan)
Yuriy Buluktayev
Political scientist, Сhief researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty)
Muslimbek Buriev
Political scientist, participant of School of Analytics (Dushanbe)
Rustam Burnashev
Political scientist
Muazama Burkhanova
Head of the environmental organization Dastgiri Center, Tajikistan; Independent Environmental Impact Assessment Specialist
Mereke Gabdualiev
Сonstitutional lawyer, director of the public foundation “Institute for the Development of Constitutionalism and Democracy”
Alexander Galiyev
Editor of
Makhmud Giyosov
Political scientist (Dushanbe)
Olga Gulina
Director and Founder of RUSMPI UG - Institute for Migration Policy (Germany)
Gulyaev Sergey
General Director of PF "Decenta"
Anna Gusarova
Director of the Central Asian Institute for Strategic Studies (Almaty)
Zoir Davlatov
Independent expert
Nurali Davlatov
Nazima Davletova
Editor-in-chief of "Interview" media project, online edition of
Zarina Dadabayeva
Doctor of Political Science, Professor at Russian State Humanitarian University, Leading scientific worker at the Post-Soviet Studies Research Center, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Emil Djuraev
Political scientist, Associate Professor of the OSCE Academy (Bishkek)
Salamat Dzhybykeev
International Relations Specialist (Bishkek)
Svetlana Dzardanova
Expert of the Central Asian Institute for Strategic Studies (CAISS)
Sergey Domnin
Chief editor of “Expert Kazakhstan” magazine
Asel Doolotkeldieva
Ph.D., political scientist
Roza Duisheeva
Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations and Social Sciences of the International Kuwait University; participant of the School of Analytics (Bishkek)
Berikbol Dukeyev
Political scientist, PhD researcher at the Australian National University.
Bakhtier Ergashev
Director of the Center for Political Initiatives "Māno"
Sarvar Jalolov
International Relations Specialist (Tashkent)
Zamira Zholdaskyzy
Analyst at the Center for the Development of Labor Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, participant of School of Analytics (Nur-Sultan)
Zhibek Zhorokulova
Researcher, Master's student at the OSCE Academy (Bishkek)
Zaynab Dost
Independent expert
Galiya Ibragimova
Independent expert
Tamerlan Ibraimov
Director of the Center for Political and Legal Studies
Timur Idrisov
Independent Expert (Tajikistan)
Ruslan Izimov
Sinologist, head of the "Eurasian Studies Program" of the Institute for World Economics and Politics under the Foundation of First President of the Kazakhstan, director of the Center for China Studies in Central Asia "Synopsys"
Alisher Ilkhamov
Independent Researcher (London)
Muratbek Imanaliev
Sinologist, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs and ex-secretary of the SCO (Kyrgyzstan)
Nazik Imanbekova
Economist, participant of the School of Analytics (Bishkek)
Fabio Indeo
Specialist in geopolitics in Central Asia
Zamira Isakova
Master in Politics and Security at the OSCE Academy, Regional Coordinator of Saferworld Programs in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan)
Kosimsho Iskandarov
Head of Conflict Resolution and Regional Research Center in association with the Academy of Sciences
Chyngyz Israyilov
Lecturer of the Department of International Relations, Osh State University, Project Coordinator of Saferworld
Aizhan Kakenova
Researcher in the field of gender inequality and minority rights, Master of Arts, School of Humanities and Social Sciences Nazarbayev University (Nur-Sultan)
Amina Kalmamatova intern
Lesya Karataeva
Ph.D. is Chief Researcher at the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Nuriddin Karshiboyev
Chairman of the National Association of Independent Media of Tajikistan
Yerlan Kassym
Specialist in energy policy, green economy and alternative energy. Government and Public Relations adviser at Royal Dutch Shell in Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan)
Ekaterina Kasymova
Independent expert
Adil Kaukenov
Sinologist, political scientist
Kamila Kovyazina
Sociologist, researcher in public policy (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan)
Turonbek Kozokov intern
Galina Kolodzinskaia
Expert on Religion, Politics, and Security in Central Asia (Bishkek)
Iskandar Qonunov
Political scientist
Alla Kuvatova
Sociologist, PhD
Kodir Kuliev
Anti-Corruption and Human Rights Expert (Tashkent)
Adinai Kurmanbekova
International relations specialist, participant of the school of analytics
Zaynidin Kurmanov
Professor of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University
Aidarkhan Kusainov
Financial analyst and general director of the Almagest Management and Strategy Consulting Company
Konstantin Larionov
Researcher, analyst (Bishkek)
Oleg Limanov
Expert (Uzbekistan)
Manuchehra Madjonova
Senior Economic Consultant of Secretariat of the Consultative Council on Improvement of Investment Climate under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan
Nazik Mamedova
Independent researcher, participant of School of analytics (Bishkek)
Talgat Mamyrayimov
Independent expert
Marinin Sergey
Independent Analyst (Kazakhstan)
Tansuluu Matieva
Independent researcher, participant of the School of Analysts
Dilmira Matyakubova
Independent researcher (Tashkent)
Askar Mashayev
Political commentator (Almaty)
Aruzhan Meirkhanova
Political Scientist, School of Sciences and Humanities, Nazarbayev University
Takhir Mirdzhaparov
Chairman of the Republican Association of Foster Families of the Chuvash Republic, Director of the Nadezhda Charitable Fund for the Support of Orphans
Michael Petrushkov
Chairman of the Business Development Center of the Republic of Tajikistan
Kairat Moldashev
Professor - Researcher of the Narxoz University (Almaty)
Atay Moldobaev
Head of “Prudent Solutions” Analytical Department
Anton Morozov
Ph.D., political scientist
Alibek Mukambaev
President of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives "Eurasia", political scientist (Kyrgyzstan)
Parviz Mullodjanov
Ph.D. political scientist, политолог, orientalist and independent researcher from Tajikistan
Anar Musabaeva
Independent political analyst (Bishkek)
Aigerim Mussabalinova
An expert in the field of civil law of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international law on the protection of the rights of children and women.
Marat Musuraliev
Economist, Deputy Director of Smart Business Solutions Central Asia
Elmira Nogoibayeva
Head of the Analytical Center "Policy Asia"
Zhaslan Nurbaev
Associate Professor at Gumilyov Eurasian National University, participant of the School of Analytics (Nur-Sultan)
Aslan Nurzhanov
Project Manager at Eurasian center for people management, participant of School of Analytics (Nur-Sultan)
Dinara Nurusheva
Diana Okremova
Director of the “Legal Media Centre” Public Foundation
Edil Osmonbetov
Political scientist
Dinara Oshurahunova
Human rights activist, member of the international parliamentary monitoring network (Bishkek)
Lidiya Parkhomchik
Senior Researcher, Eurasian Research Institute
Bakhrom Radjabov
Political economist, PhD (Tashkent)
Anastasiya Reshetnyak
Senior Researcher of the Kazakhstan Institute of Strategic Studies
Sherali Rizoyon
Political Scientist (Dushanbe)
Gulzada Rysbekova
Independent Researcher in International Relations (Bishkek)
Jaksylyk Sabitov
PhD, Eurasian National University
Maral Sagynalieva
Independent researcher, participant of School of analytics (Bishkek)
Sanjar Saidov
Political scientist, PhD (Tashkent)
Rauf Salahodjaev
Economist, Senior Researcher at International Westminster University (Tashkent)
Sardor Salim
Political Scientist (Tashkent)
Farrukh Salimov
PhD in History, Head of Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Department of Tajik National University
Charles Sullivan
Assistant Professor of Political Science & International Relations in the School of Sciences and Humanities at Nazarbayev University
Yuriy Sarukhanyan
International Relations Specialist. Participant of the School of Analysts (Tashkent).
Rafael Sattarov
Political scientist
Aiym Saurambayeva
Lawyer in International Law, Master of Human Rights and Democratization (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Steve Swerdlow
Human rights lawyer and professor of human rights in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Southern California.
Petr Svoik
Political scientist
Inga Sikorskaia
Program director of the School of peacemaking and media technology in Central Asia
Olga Simakova
Public Fund "Center for Social and Political Studies ‘Strategy’"
Doriyush Soliev
Independent Analyst (Dushanbe)
Klara Soronkulova
Lawyer, former judge of the Constitutional Chamber of KR Supreme Court
Rustami Sukhrob
International Relations Specialist (Tajikistan): Phd candidate, Ural Federal University, Department of Theory and History of International Relations
Konstantin Syroejkin
PhD., leading Kazakhstani Sinologist
Alisher Taksanov
Independent expert
Azamat Temirkulov
Associate Professor, Doctor of Political Sciences (Bishkek)
Anuar Temirov
Analyst, participant of the's school of analysts (Nur-Sultan)
Baurzhan Tolegenov
Political commentator (Nur-Sultan)
Medet Tyulegenov
Head of the Department of “International and Comparative Politics”, AUCA
Akram Umarov
Independent expert, project coordinator of the Development Strategy Center (Uzbekistan)
Arsen Usenov
Political scientist (Bishkek)
Esen Usubaliev
Head of the analytical center "Prudent Solutions", specialist in international relations
Farkhod Tolipov
Political scientist, the director of the non-governmental scientific and educational institution "Bilim Carvoni" (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
Komron Khidoyatzoda
Editor of diplomatic messenger "MISSION"
Yevgeniy Khon
Khursand Khurramov
Political scientist
Andrey Chebotaryov
Director оf Centre for Contemporary Research «Alternativa» (Kazakhstan)
Ajar Chekirova
PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science at the University of Illinois in Chicago
Irina Chernykh
Chief Researcher at the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of History, Professor
Sherzod Shamiev
Graduate of the OSCE Academy, researcher at the Z-Analytics (Tajikistan)
Bahrom Sharipov
PhD in Economics
Iskender Sharsheev
Economist, Executive Director of the Association of Foreign Investors (Bishkek)
Eratov Iskender
Independent expert
Chinara Esengul
Senior Advisor for the conflicts prevention, UNDP
Guly Yuldasheva
Dilmurad Yusupov
PhD student at the Institute of Development Studies of the University of Sussex, participant of School of Analytics (Tashkent)
Yuliy Yusupov
Economist, director of Center for Economic Development (Tashkent)
Ildar Yakubov
Candidate of Political Sciences (Tashkent)