Own house gives a sense of security, reliability and confidence in the future. However, not everyone manages to save the amount required to buy so desirable square metres. A mortgage can become a way out of this situation.
(more…) 12.01.21

What are the causes of air pollution in Kyrgyzstan? What are the consequences of this for the population? Are there results of monitoring of air quality, which is carried out on an ongoing basis? What measures is the government taking to combat smog and reduce the harm of small particles? (more…) 11.01.21

The elections to the lower house of the Kazakh Parliament were held amid the protests and activists’ detentions.


According to preliminary data, Sadyr Zhaparov won 79.2 per cent of votes, while 80.99 per cent of voters voted for the presidential government in Kyrgyzstan. 


Dastan Akkozha 08.01.21

Parliamentary and local elections will be held in Kazakhstan on January 10, 2021. Shortly before, a number of changes were introduced in the election legislation.


Zulfiya Raissova 06.01.21

The Kazakh government approved the rules for conducting fingerprinting and genomic registration of the population.


If people support this initiative, the Kurultai and its decisions will become binding. However, this initiative has a lot of opponents. (more…) 30.12.20

Experts believe that the government has to reduce the tax burden on the private business, which provides up to 80% of tax revenues to the budget in order to ensure tax collections. Otherwise, the entrepreneurs will withdraw their capital from the country whenever possible. (more…)

Diana Mustafina 29.12.20

The medical insurance provides the citizens of Kazakhstan with the opportunity to receive healthcare services, regardless of their income. Check your knowledge: do you have sufficient information about your rights under the current medical insurance system?

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Sari Khosor is one of the most remote and beautiful places in the mountains of Tajikistan, located 200 km southeast of Dushanbe in the Baljuvon region, southern, Khatlon region. The inhabitants of these places live in very difficult conditions. It is impossible to get here in winter. And in summer, the roads here are so difficult that some people have not seen the “mainland” for years. During the Soviet Union due to lack of roads most of the people were relocated from this place to nearby valleys. After the collapse of the Soviet Union people returned to their homes. (more…)