Multimedia 08.12.20

It’s quite easy to fall into a trap in a modern world full of information and developing «scam technology».

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It is difficult for orphanages’ graduates to adapt to adulthood.

«After graduating the orphanage, you realize that you cannot do anything. You do not know how to spend money, how to cook food, where to buy groceries. You are only 16, but you are already in the free world without any experience and skills, without advice from any elders…» (more…) 03.12.20

Tajikistan is the only country in Central Asia where the illegal method of arbitrary detention of conscripts is used in order to fulfill the draft plan. This method is commonly known as “round-up”.


The regulation “On conditions and procedure of generation and supply of energy with the use of renewable energy sources” entered into force in Kyrgyzstan on November 15, 2020. It determines the new rules in the “green” energy market in the country.


Zulfiya Raissova 27.11.20

Every 20th taxi ride ends with harassment of interviewed women. Most often, women do not know how to react to harassment, so they prefer to keep silent until the end of ride. After the trip ends, they try to forget about what happened. Moreover, the women said that most often, taxi drivers ask questions about their private lives, try to get to know each other closer, and if a woman refuses, they block the doors. (more…)

Anara Abdullaeva 26.11.20

Money handling requires knowledge and skills. Especially in such countries as the republics of Central Asia, where, according to various estimates, almost one third of population live below the poverty line.
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The queues at currency exchange offices in Tajikistan do not surprise anymore. People line for days to buy $200 in the banks in the country. In addition, the somoni-dollar rate keeps declining over the last days.

Every Kazakh citizen, at a certain period of life, starts thinking about how, when and how much money she/he will receive from the state after retirement. The sooner you think about it, the more prepared you will be to approach this issue. Check your retirement literacy in this quiz.

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Even after thirty years, Lenin monuments and Soviet symbols still evoke nostalgia not only among Tajik communists, but also among ordinary residents of Tajikistan. The followers of communist ideology preserve some of the monuments, while others decay in abandoned places, where they were stored after dismantling.