Nargiza Umarova 16.02.21

Recently, India’s presence in Central Asia has become more active. The head of the department of the Center for Contemporary History of Uzbekistan under the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, professor, doctor of historical sciences Mirzokhid Rakhimov, spoke about how India is building relations with the countries of the region, in an interview for


Professor of Nazarbayev University Helene Thibault in an exclusive interview for speaks about the reasons and the attitude of the Central Asian society to polygamy, and also discussed the impact of migration on polygyny, its future dynamics. (more…)

Ermek Baisalov 14.12.20

Zainidin Kurmanov, a political scientist from Kyrgyzstan, historian and ex-speaker of the parliament, shared his opinion on the development of parliamentarism in the country, constitutional reform and how to maintain a balance among the branches of government, in an interview for


Ermek Baisalov 16.11.20

A public figure, political analyst, regional security and international relations scholar Taalatbek Masadykov, in an interview for, shared his vision of how Kyrgyzstan should seek its way out of the current political crisis and what to change in the country’s foreign policy; he also discussed his political and career plans. (more…)

Back in 2017, over 50 per cent of the population took part in the presidential election. According to the study of the youth development institute, only 30 per cent of young citizens took part in the election. In 2020, it became obvious after the parliamentary election that the younger generation of Kyrgyzstan has become more active participant in the political affairs of the country.

According to the political analyst, the seventh convocation of Zhogorku Kenesh will be a very difficult period for the country and future parliamentarians will have higher requirements, respectively. (more…) 02.10.20

The events in Belarus show that “the old and already customary mechanisms for extending the power of authoritarian leaders are failing,” Yuliy Yusupov, director of the Center for Assistance to Economic Development of Uzbekistan, said in an interview with


Rustami Sukhrob 29.09.20

Ms. Marilyn Josefson, Ambassador of the European Union, Head of the European Union Delegation to Tajikistan, in an exclusive interview for, shared her thoughts about ongoing projects in Tajikistan, the new EU strategy for Central Asia and understanding of regional cooperation.


Ermek Baisalov 07.09.20

Nicholas Brousseau, Ambassador of Canada to Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan, spoke in an interview with about cooperation priorities with  the countries in the region, features shared by Central Asian nations and Canada, and why inclusion and diversity are critical to addressing the challenges of the modern world.


Gulnaz Mustafa 27.08.20

In 2019, nearly 200 thousand alimony claims were in progress, according to the department for 
execution of court decrees of the ministry of justice of Kazakhstan. Out of them, nearly 14 
thousand claims are deemed bad. About one third of 14 thousand do not make alimony 
payments at all. (more…)