Bolot Isaev 02.04.21

Formally, law-enforcement and security officers may be imprisoned for torture during detention and custody of a citizen. In practice, the victims can hardly reach it as it is almost impossible. (more…)

Bolot Isaev 23.03.21

Some human rights defenders and lawyers state about high level of corruption in the amnesty and pardon procedure. (more…)

Asel Sultan 22.03.21

‘Algabas-6’ neighbourhood, now ‘Zerdeli’, became known for its tilting high-rise buildings and cladding panels blown off. The neighbourhood was built especially for municipal housing and consisted of 32 high-rise buildings. However, it has failed to become a comfortable place for many people on the waiting list. The inspection found out flagrant violations in construction that lead to deformation. However, neither state officials who accepted the facility, nor construction company have been held liable for their gross negligence. (more…)

Yoqub Halimov 28.01.21

A journalistic investigation by reveals that the company responsible for the mandatory vehicle inspection does not actually conduct any inspection and simply collects money for a formal procedure. (more…)

Mazhab Djuma 30.12.20

The country’s media published healthcare workers’ complaints about the lack of protective suits in the country’s hospitals, but the Ministry of Health denies the facts of medical clothing’s sale and its purchase by doctors. During our investigation, we discovered that hospitals and medical centres employees in Tajikistan have to buy special protective suits, gloves, masks and glasses at their own expense. (more…)

Bolot Isaev 25.11.20

The city programme for modernisation of municipal lifts in multi-storeyed houses of Bishkek is being implemented with gross breaches of law and technical standards. (more…)

Khadisha Akayeva 04.08.20

In July 2020, some Kazakhstan entrepreneurs who took loans from the Bank of Development of Kazakhstan (BDK) wrote a letter to the president, in which they tell how BDK and the investment fund of Kazakhstan (IFK) “destroyed” their enterprises. (more…)

Safarbek Kabirov 09.06.20

In the industrial sector, employers often do not pay required taxes for their workers. (more…)

Mirzo Subkhanov 15.05.20

The activities of the state-owned charity fund “Sakhovat va kumak” (“Kindness and Support”) contradicts to the laws of Uzbekistan, which prohibit the government from creating such foundations. Moreover, the Fund purchases products at inflated prices, and its account replenished through “voluntary” deductions from the salaries of employees of governmental organizations.  (more…)