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IWPR Organized Panel On “Kyrgyzstan’s Post-election Crisis: Causes, Subtleties and Seeking Solutions”

On October 13, 2020, IWPR organized an online panel entitled "Kyrgyzstan’s Post-election Crisis: Causes, Subtleties and Seeking Solutions."..

CABAR.asia 15.10.20
IWPR Organized its Third CABAR.asia School of Analytics

The 2020 CABAR.asia School of Analytics, with the participation of junior analysts and experts from Central Asia, has come to an end...

CABAR.asia 01.10.20

Investigations / Tajikistan

Brick Factories in Tajikistan: Off-the-Book Employment

In the industrial sector, employers often do not pay required taxes for their workers...

Safarbek Kabirov 09.06.20
Tajikistan: Any Online Action Will Be Used Against You

Experts and human rights activists urge the Tajik authorities to introduce an independent examination of materials for the banned ideas...

CABAR.asia 05.05.20

Opinions / Tajikistan

Distant Analytics, But With the Effect of Presence

Navruz Karimov, a participant of the third CABAR.asia School of Analytics, shares his experience on the knowledge gained and talks about the trainers, participants, and the training program...

Navruz Karimov 01.10.20
Electricity Shortages in Tajikistan: Climate Change or Poor Management?

In the summer of 2020 Tajik authorities made an announcement about the probability of decrease on the availability of electricity. This article will attempt to understand the reasons why the..

Muminakhon Abdulvohidzoda 24.09.20