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IWPR holds regular trainings for students and journalists from across Central Asia, with their materials published in Russian and national languages on the analytical platform CABAR.asia and in English for international readers on iwpr.net . Articles by IWPR reporters cover current events andsignificant trends that affect the lives of people in the whole Central Asian region.

Fake News on the Coronavirus Pandemic: What Do Central Asians Believe in?

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, causing SARS COVID-19 pneumonia, has led to appearance of a lot of fake, that is, deliberately misleading, information. During an all-out panic, it causes significant damage.


Emergency in Kyrgyzstan: Government Without Masks and the Precious Passes

On March 25, the Kyrgyz government imposed mandatory curfew restrictions from 8 PM to 7 AM in a number of cities and regions. Thus, it strengthened the emergency and quarantine related to the coronavirus epidemic. These three situations (emergency, quarantine and curfew – Ed.) were supposed to contain the spread of infection and organize the citizens’ lives. However, just one incomplete week of restrictions turned communications into complete chaos.


“Seeking a Job”: How Coronavirus Affected Migrants from Central Asia

The quarantine and economic recession in Russia can become a time bomb for Central Asia, according to experts.



Tajikistan is Still Free of Coronavirus

Authorities claim that diagnostic testing of the citizens arriving in the country have not yet revealed the infection cases.


The Unsolved Issue: Can the Exchange of Territories Bring Peace to Kyrgyzstanis and Tajikistanis?

Delimitation and demarcation of borders should remove 30-year tension at the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.


Central Asia: Coronavirus Affects Changes in Food Prices

Despite the officials’ statements, there are problems with availability of certain items and price gouging in each of the countries of the region.


Kazakhstan: The Reverse Side of Coronavirus

Today the world speaks about negative, already felt and expected, consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the situation has positive sides, yet incommensurable. (more…)

Oil, Coronavirus and Recession: What Awaits the National Currency of Kyrgyzstan?

The national currency of Kyrgyzstan has become cheaper in just two weeks of March for over 20 per cent against the American dollar. This is one of the worst indicators among EAEU countries. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: Why Government Creates Regional Media Centres?

The ministry of culture, information and tourism of Kyrgyzstan creates multimedia centres in order to optimise regional media. Competitions have been announced to fill the vacancies of general directors of regional media centres and heads of media centres in Chui and Dzhalal Abad regions have been already appointed. (more…)

Kazakhstan is Going to Reform National Policy of Interethnic Relations

Following the events in the village of Masanchi in the south of Kazakhstan, the authorities paid attention to the need of systemic analytical work in interethnic sphere. The Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan has a task to review its performance and to strengthen its forecast and analysis. 



Our activity

IWPR research: social networks are an important source of news in Uzbekistan

On February 24 in Tashkent, IWPR presented the results of research on how in Central Asia they read, watch and listen to the news on the Internet...

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IWPR Held a Presentation at the University of Central Asia

The representative office of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in Central Asia (IWPR CA) took part in an informational and educational meeting of employers with students of the Unive..

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Bank Loans for Business Were Discussed at IWPR Round Table in Dushanbe

The problems of access to the bank loans for small and medium enterprises were discussed at a round table hosted by IWPR Tajikistan in Dushanbe...

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