IWPR activities in Central Asia

CABAR.asia Analytical Platform Held Online Meeting With Journalists and Analysts

During the video conference, participants discussed the situation with coronavirus in four Central Asian countries and plans for future collaboration...

CABAR.asia 27.05.20
Is it impossible to learn to make caption video online? CABAR.asia Media School proves it is possible!

The first online marathon on creation of caption video was held on April 15 to 29 by the team of trainers: Azat Ruziev..

CABAR.asia 08.05.20


Uzbekistan: charity with violations

The activities of the state-owned charity fund “Sakhovat va kumak” (“Kindness and Support”) contradicts to the laws of Uzbekistan, which prohibit the governme..

Mirzo Subkhanov 15.05.20
Kyrgyzstan: The Thin Line Between Charity and Religious Propaganda

There are many foundations and charity organizations in the republic linked to religion...

Bolot Isaev 12.05.20


In the post-COVID-19 era efforts must be directed towards the sustainable development of the oceans

While the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily reduced emissions and pollution on the ocean, this should not be moment of reprieve. Rather, recovery efforts have the potential to rebuild a new..

Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana 13.05.20
Why Did Kazakhstan Announce Easing of Quarantine Rules?

“Now the question is what position the post-quarantine will put the people in. The coronavirus epidemic cancels many of the earlier gains for one and all,” political analyst Yuriy Buluktayev..

Yuriy Buluktayev 29.04.20