IWPR activities in Central Asia

Partnership Media Conference 2018

On November 2, 2018 the first partnership media conference dedicated to the Day of Information and Press was held in Bishkek; the media forum was dedicated to “Security”...

CABAR.asia 05.11.18
IWPR Presents Studies on Media and Civil Society Issues in Central Asia

Experts emphasise the need for close cooperation between media and non-governmental sector for effective resolution of social problems...

CABAR.asia 26.10.18


Kyrgyz Minors Allege Police Torture

Teenagers are left traumatised, with little recourse to official complaint...

CABAR.asia 01.02.17
Wholesale meat trade at Osh Bazaar does not meet hygienic standards

The wholesale meat trade on the Osh Bazaar does not meet hygienic standards and this is even admitted by specialists and workers on the market. Average buyers..

CABAR.asia 06.09.16