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Olga Gulina 15.01.21

In this publication we propose to think about how interested the population of Central Asian states is in migrating to the EU? (more…) 13.01.21

The Tajik authorities have long pursued a policy of regulating citizens’ spendings on weddings, birthdays and other events. At the same time, the government spends huge amounts of money on lavish celebrations and festivals. More on this contradiction in the following article on


Navruz Karimov 11.01.21

Analyst Navruz Karimov in an article for examines the effectiveness of the CSTO, analyzes the organization’s charter and budget, writes about the advantages and disadvantages of participating in this organization. (more…)

Ermek Baisalov 08.01.21

Despite the transformation of many processes due to the coronavirus pandemic, the past 2020 was marked by significant events for the Central Asian countries. The editorial staff of the analytical platform interviewed famous political scientists in the region to mark the most important events of 2020 and to analyze the development of events and trends for 2021.


Zhibek Zhorokulova, a researcher from Kyrgyzstan, reveals the features of the 2021 early presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan and explains what challenges await the future head of state in her article written for 


Ermek Baisalov 04.01.21

December 2020 in Central Asia is remembered for the start of the election campaign in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan; high-level official meetings of the CIS and CSTO; arrangements for the new 2021; several protests; power outages and the still tenuous epidemiological situation in the region. 

The analytical platform presents a brief overview of the major events in the region over the past month. (more…)

Tajikistan met 2020 amid uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic and protests in several cities. There was no vivid opposition in the parliamentary and presidential elections. Tajik migrants experienced difficulties returning home. Analythical journalist Navruz Karimov tells about the results of the year in details in his article for


Political scientist Aruzhan Meirkhanova in her article for writes, that regime’s “decorative democracy” and pressure on civil society might lead to a range of consequences in the long-run. (more…)

Umedjon Majidi 28.12.20

The pandemic has exposed the downsides of crisis management in Tajikistan. On the other hand, it also has brought various opportunities to improve country’s image and increase control over the flows of information. More details in an article by political scientist Umedjon Majidi for


Marinin Sergey 25.12.20

In Kazakhstan, the upcoming parliamentary elections are not intriguing at all, says Sergey Marinin, an independent researcher from Kazakhstan and participant of School of Analytics. “In essence, terrific environment has been created for the re-election of the old party guard and the preservation of the status quo in parliament,” the expert said.