Analytical materials

Umedjon Majidi 28.12.20

The pandemic has exposed the downsides of crisis management in Tajikistan. On the other hand, it also has brought various opportunities to improve country’s image and increase control over the flows of information. More details in an article by political scientist Umedjon Majidi for


Marinin Sergey 25.12.20

In Kazakhstan, the upcoming parliamentary elections are not intriguing at all, says Sergey Marinin, an independent researcher from Kazakhstan and participant of School of Analytics. “In essence, terrific environment has been created for the re-election of the old party guard and the preservation of the status quo in parliament,” the expert said.


Anna Zubenko 22.12.20

Researcher Anna Zubenko writes about why the Kyrgyz police needs to declassify information about themselves in order to fight corruption within the institution, in her article for


Sher Khashimov 16.12.20

It has become a common practice in Tajikistan to record violations and hooliganism using a smartphone camera. Ordinary citizens take on the role of vigilant guardians of the law, while the authorities, in turn, are forced to react. Digital Vigilantism is a new global phenomenon that also manifests itself locally. Independent researcher Sher Khashimov examines the cultural origins and political context of such activism in Tajikistan in an article for CABAR.Asia.


Rustam Muhamedov 10.12.20

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the country’s government to embrace the immediate introduction of digital technology into education. In Turkmenistan, where the authorities still do not officially recognize cases of COVID-19, digitalization of education is slow. On that is independent researcher Rustam Mukhamedov with his piece for CABAR.Asia.


Eldar Asanov 08.12.20

In an article for, an Uzbek researcher Eldar Asanov discusses identity, nationalism, and historical memory in the realm of a rather vexed language issue in today’s Uzbekistan. (more…)

Charles Sullivan 04.12.20

This article, written exclusively for by Dr. Charles Sullivan, traces how three new Central Asian leaders differ in terms of their respective governing styles and how they seek to shape state-society relations. (more…)

Ermek Baisalov 02.12.20

November 2020 in Central Asia is remembered for the run-up to the parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan; high-level official meetings of the SCO and CIS; several protests; appreciating exchange rates and rising food prices; and the tenuous epidemiological situation in the region.

The analytical platform presents a brief overview of the major events in the region over the past month. (more…) 27.11.20

The publication “Language Policies of the Central Asian States ” was developed by Nurbek Bekmurzaev on the basis of the IWPR Representative Office in Central Asia and the regional analytical platform (more…)

Constitutional reforms have already become traditional mechanisms for strengthening power in Central Asia. In an article specially for, expert Svetlana Dzardanova analyzes tactics and possible scenarios for the transit of power in Turkmenistan. (more…)