Analytical materials

Can “Open Skies” Policy Lead to a Tourist Boom in Tajikistan?

Aziz Timurov 10.06.20

“Open Skies policy – liberalization of the national air transportation market may become one of the conditions for the growth in the number of foreign tourists,” mentioned Aziz Timurov, a participant of the School of Analytics. (more…)

How Uzbekistan Deals with the Pandemic Challenges: Lessons for the Future

Two regimes and standards have emerged in Uzbekistan since the beginning of the quarantine measures: one followed the logic of counteracting the spread of coronavirus, and the other followed the logic of economic calculation. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: How Suitable Is the North-South Alternative Highway?

Alibek Mukambaev 05.06.20

Kyrgyzstan is now building on credit an expensive mountain road that would need major repairs already in five years. Was there an alternative to the North-South highway? (more…)

Kazakhstan: End of the Orphanage Era?

“Measures to reduce the number of children in orphanages in Kazakhstan at the moment cannot be called effective due to the underdevelopment of measures to prevent children from entering orphanages and alternative forms of child care,” Aigerim Mussabalinova, a child rights expert, analyzes the problems of deinstitutionalization of children in Kazakhstan specifically for CABAR. asia.


Month in review: Central Asia in May 2020

Ermek Baisalov 01.06.20

May 2020 in Central Asia is remembered for the steady increase in coronavirus cases, the easing of quarantine rules, border disputes, floods and mudflows, rallies, and heightened social tension. The analytical platform provides a brief overview of the most significant events in the region over the past month. (more…)

Uzbekistan-China Relations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

 “As China’s economic power is being reinforced, Chinese growing political influence in the region could be one of the most serious challenges to Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries, given the growing partnerships both at the bilateral level and in BRI format,” said expert Oleg Limanov in an article just for (more…)

How is the Fight Against Corruption in Kazakhstan Taken Place?

Askar Mukashev 28.05.20

In recent years, Kazakhstan has been actively involved in the fight against corruption. Starting from 2015, a new anti-corruption strategy of Kazakhstan was formed. Despite the various measures taken by the state, the country still fails to achieve the desired results.


The Battle of Narratives During Coronavirus Crisis and its Impact on China – Tajikistan Relations

Sherzod Shamiev 26.05.20

“Although Tajikistan tries to balance the influence of great powers on its policies through its multisectoral foreign policy, China has several strategic advantages in its sleeve that can get Tajikistan involved”, – notes Sherzod Shamiev in the article, written specifically for (more…)

Why Did Kazakhstan Fail The International PISA Assessment?

Kazakhstan had participated in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) for the fourth time. The test results fell below the performance of previous years. Research suggests the relationship between funding and quality of education. (more…)

Strengthening and Vulnerability of the Kyrgyz Police in the Fight Against COVID-19

Anna Zubenko 19.05.20

«Against the background of expanding the powers of the law enforcement agencies and limiting control mechanisms, the risks of corruption, unlawful actions and abuse of authority has increased,» mentioned by researcher Anna Zubenko, in her article written specifically for