Analytical materials

The Processes of Politicizing Islam in Kyrgyzstan: Impact on the 2020 Parliamentary Elections

Arsen Usenov 07.08.20

“The sphere of religion, which a priori should be separated from politics, has become a factor determining political processes in the country and is even used as a tool to achieve political goals,” mentioned political scientist Arsen Usenov, in an article written specifically for


Month in Review: Central Asia in July 2020

Ermek Baisalov 03.08.20

July 2020 in Central Asia is remembered for the crisis-ridden epidemiological situation in the region; re-imposed lockdown; nationwide mourning in two countries; unrest, mass disturbance and road closures; the foreign ministers’ meeting with China; and unprecedented Eid al-Adha celebrations. The analytical platform presents an overview of the major events in the region over the past month. (more…)

Organic Agriculture in Kyrgyzstan as a Symbol of Ecological Modernization

«The transition to organic agriculture will become not only the optimal solution to environmental problems in the country, but also one of the stimulating factors for further economic development,» mentions researcher Maral Sagynaliyeva in her article, written specifically for


“Uzbekistan Has Opened up to the World”. Has the Country Been Closed?

Farkhod Tolipov 28.07.20

«The closeness or closure of Uzbekistan is essentially a new false stereotype that appeared under the influence of the huge impressions of the large-scale reforms that were initiated with the coming to power of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev,» mentioned Farhod Tolipov, director of the non-state scientific institution “Caravan of Knowledge” (Караван знаний), in an article, written specifically for


Analysis of Tajikistan’s Participation and Policies in International Organizations

Farrukh Salimov 22.07.20

“Participation in international organizations helps to advance the international agenda of Tajikistan, including the implementation of regional and global initiatives that are also in demand internally,” expert Farrukh Salimov analyzes the policy of Tajikistan in international organizations, especially for (more…)

Is Peace in Afghanistan Possible?

Ildar Yakubov 16.07.20

A lack of prior liaison on the eventual form of government in Afghanistan leaves vague prospects for a consensual peace. (more…)

Transboundary Waters of Central Asia: the Role of Kyrgyzstan in Saving the Aral Sea

Kyrgyzstan’s views on how to manage the water resources formed on its territory are at variance with the provisions determined by the Aral Sea Saving Fund.


Perks of Kyrgyzstan’s Participation in International Organizations Illustrated by the OSCE Membership

Kanatbek Abdiev 06.07.20

“Prospects of the Kyrgyz – OSCE partnership will become even more pertinent in the light of sweeping global security issues like climate change, resilient pandemics, devastating wars, terrorist threats, and cybersecurity,” expert Kanatbek Abdiev analyzes Kyrgyzstan’s participation in the OSCE in an article just for (more…)

How to Reform the Financial Market of Tajikistan? 04.07.20

   The financial market of Tajikistan is subject to imbalances and is not able to fully perform its functions, considers Bahrom Sharipov, Doctor of Economics. Further reforms are needed in the financial market to form it as a system of integrated segments, Bahrom Sharipov notes in an article written specifically for (more…)

Month in Review: Central Asia in June 2020

Ermek Baisalov 01.07.20

June 2020 in Central Asia is remembered for the crisis-ridden epidemiological situation in the region; easing and tightening of quarantine measures; various protests; the decline of free speech; arrests and convictions of activists and former officials. The analytical platform provides a brief overview of the most significant events of the region over the past month. (more…)