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About Us

Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting (CABAR.asia) is a regional analytical, informational and educational platform for Central Asia. Its mission is to develop expert and journalistic analytics, provide training on new media, and provide analytical support for broad social processes in the countries of the region.

This mission is implemented through the following areas:

  • Training for young analysts and journalists;
  • The development of new genres of journalism, support for independent media, bloggers, personal media;
  • Mentoring support for graduates of IWPR and CABAR.asia trainings;
  • Production of analytical materials;
  • Conducting dialogue events at the country and regional levels;
  • Strengthening professional ties between specialists in the region;
  • Analysis of current issues in the countries of Central Asia;
  • Informing local and foreign audiences about what is happening in the region.

CABAR.asia operates under the IWPR Central Asia Office. The international non-governmental organization Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) has been successfully implementing various programs in this region for 20 years.

Among representatives of the media, civil society and government bodies of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, IWPR is best known for its educational programs, dialogue platforms and analytical articles about the region, which are published in English and Russian on the iwpr.net website (https://iwpr.net/global-voices). Since the end of 2014 in Central Asia, IWPR has been focused on developing the direction of analytics in the Central Asian region through its analytical platform CABAR.asia.

Component Information:

Analytical materials – CABAR.asia regularly analyzes various problems and trends in the open spaces of the Central Asian region that appear on the platform’s website in the form of analytical articles, journalistic materials, expert comments, interviews, data materials, journalistic investigations, as well as long reads and extended analytical publications – policy briefs. These materials deal with topical issues that are of interest to a wide audience, as well as various trends and narrow-profile topics that sophisticated readers need to carefully monitor both individual countries of Central Asia and the region as a whole.

The authors of these materials are both experienced and well-known experts in Central Asian countries, journalists, recognized masters of the analytical genre, as well as young, but smart, inquisitive and ambitious graduates of educational programs in the direction of “analytics” and “analytical journalism”.

CABAR.asia Media School provides various directions for online and offline training. Media school courses offer novice analysts, journalists, bloggers, content creators to qualitatively increase their potential. On the school’s website, video tutorials and systematic courses are available. As part of the Media School, CABAR.asia offers the following courses:

  • The CABAR.asia School of Analytics helps to develop and increase their potential for graduates of local universities, young analysts and experts from Central Asian countries through a mentoring program run by the editors of the analytical materials of the CABAR.asia platform. Within the framework of the program, participants undergo training, work on their own analytical article, are involved in the preparation of other analytical publications, and also participate in various discussion events at the country and regional levels. Once a year, the CABAR.asia School of Analytics conducts intensive theoretical training with the participation of regional and foreign experts.
  • CABAR.asia School of Analytical Journalism is a similar program aimed at journalists and students of journalism departments of local universities in Central Asia. All participants of the IWPR and CABAR.asia trainings gain access to the mentoring support of the editors of journalistic materials CABAR.asia and apply the knowledge gained during the preparation of various journalistic materials that are published on the CABAR.asia website for local and international audiences. Most journalistic material on the platform website is the result of this educational process. Recruitment is ongoing.
  • New Media Courses is a comprehensive educational platform for those who want to develop in the field of media, communications and expert analytics. This resource has a number of video lessons and methodological articles, which allows you to supplement your knowledge of various aspects in journalism, communications, analytics and new media. In addition to studying materials in a free order, users of the educational platform have the opportunity to take various online courses. They are built on the principle of distance learning, where materials for study are given in stages. Users can also access methodological manuals and developments released by IWPR.


The CABAR.asia – IWPR interactive platform holds expert meetings on a regular basis, at which relevant experts discuss the most important problems and issues affecting the countries of Central Asia. The discussion platform is a place where experts of different points of view meet and regardless of their views, positions and ages have an equal opportunity to voice their opinions. In addition to expert meetings, IWPR and CABAR.asia in Central Asian countries annually hold regional conferences. These events help strengthen contacts between experts and work together to find the best solutions.


Belief.cabar.asia – this sub-site of CABAR.asia operates within the framework of IWPR Central Asia’s activities aimed at strengthening interfaith dialogue in the countries of Central Asia, tolerance and mutual respect. This is a universal platform for those who are interested in the topic of religion and share the above values. Belief.cabar.asia has published analytical materials from journalists, experts and profile figures, which cover various pressing issues in the field of religion in the countries of the region. In addition, resource materials (legislation, literature, manuals, video lectures) were collected on the portal, some of which were created directly by IWPR Central Asia. This base will be interesting and useful to journalists, experts, analysts, religious figures and the wider audience interested in the sphere of religion in the space of the Central Asian region.

The regional analytical platform CABAR.asia operates on the basis of international journalism standards, which consist in observing objectivity, impartiality, balance, ethics and the “do no harm” principle.