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IWPR Organized Panel On “Kyrgyzstan’s Post-election Crisis: Causes, Subtleties and Seeking Solutions”

On October 13, 2020, IWPR organized an online panel entitled "Kyrgyzstan’s Post-election Crisis: Causes, Subtleties and Seeking Solutions."..

CABAR.asia 15.10.20
IWPR Organized its Third CABAR.asia School of Analytics

The 2020 CABAR.asia School of Analytics, with the participation of junior analysts and experts from Central Asia, has come to an end...

CABAR.asia 01.10.20

Investigations / Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan: charity with violations

The activities of the state-owned charity fund “Sakhovat va kumak” (“Kindness and Support”) contradicts to the laws of Uzbekistan, which prohibit the governme..

Mirzo Subkhanov 15.05.20

Opinions / Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan: on the brink of social explosion

The socio-political situation in Uzbekistan has been tense in recent years but now in many areas a crisis may be unfolding in the wake of the pandemic. As the economic tensions are reflected..

Uzbekistan based human rights group 22.07.20
Economic Reforms in Uzbekistan: Achievements, Problems, Perspectives

As an independent state, Uzbekistan appeared on the world map in 1991. The country launched reforms that were supposed to create a base for running a market economy. In 1996, however the cou..

Yuliy Yusupov 21.07.20