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From June 1, 2021, Uzbekistan is introducing changes to the pension system. (more…) 16.03.21

The residents of the Uzbek capital want to have green parks with playgrounds in their city, but the authorities see these places only as the source of income.

(more…) 10.03.21

Until society understands that the problems of people with disabilities are not medical, but social, many people with disabilities will not be able to live inclusively. (more…) 03.03.21

In recent years, Uzbekistan has turned into a large construction site. However, the construction initiatives of the authorities were often criticized by citizens who protested against the destruction of cultural heritage sites. The results of this policy were vividly manifested in Samarkand, the oldest city in the region.

(more…) has prepared information about who, when and what for created this special women’s day.

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The vaccination in the country is going to begin in the first half of March 2021, according to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Wellbeing and Public Health Service of Uzbekistan. (more…) 19.02.21

With new mayor Dzhakhangir Artykkhodzhaev, who was appointed in December 2018, the capital of Uzbekistan did not become more comfortable for people with reduced mobility: ramps are not available everywhere, and those that are available are just for the sake of appearance.
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In 9 months of 2020, the joint external debt of Uzbekistan exceeded 29 billion dollars, according to the Central Bank review. According to the agency, the volume of debts increased by 19.7 per cent or 4.8 billion dollars from early 2020.


Altynay Karimova 26.01.21

The countries of Central Asia gained independence at about the same time, however, their further political history developed independently. In a comparative analysis, one can see the similarities and differences in the state structure, as well as in how the prime ministers of the Central Asian countries were appointed, resigned, and what they were remembered for.


Most often, abuse implies beatings, rape, or psychological pressure, yet, it can also be economic.