Multimedia / Uzbekistan 19.01.21

In the latest 5-Stan Podcast, Editors in Tajikistan Lola Olimova and Muslimbek Buriev speak with the environmental journalist Nargis Kosimova, who manages “” Telegram channel in Uzbek and Russian. (more…) 10.12.20

Gender inequality remains one of the acute problems in Uzbekistan, despite the measures to improve the status of women. (more…) 08.12.20

It’s quite easy to fall into a trap in a modern world full of information and developing «scam technology».

(more…) 07.12.20

It is difficult for orphanages’ graduates to adapt to adulthood.

«After graduating the orphanage, you realize that you cannot do anything. You do not know how to spend money, how to cook food, where to buy groceries. You are only 16, but you are already in the free world without any experience and skills, without advice from any elders…» (more…)

Zulfiya Raissova 27.11.20

Every 20th taxi ride ends with harassment of interviewed women. Most often, women do not know how to react to harassment, so they prefer to keep silent until the end of ride. After the trip ends, they try to forget about what happened. Moreover, the women said that most often, taxi drivers ask questions about their private lives, try to get to know each other closer, and if a woman refuses, they block the doors. (more…) 17.11.20

Despite the statements of the authorities that rural healthcare centers were reorganised into family polyclinics in Uzbekistan, there is an acute shortage of medical personnel in remote villages, and many rural healthcare centers are in a miserable condition.

(more…) 12.11.20

In September 2020, the amendments to the Law “On Citizenship” of March 13, 2020 came into force in Uzbekistan. It gives hope to many residents of the country to receive the long-desired citizenship.

(more…) 04.11.20

Dozens of countries suffer from the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic now. In many of them, the number of diseases is even higher than before. It’s critical in this situation not only to practice hygiene, communications, prevention, but take this information very carefully.
(more…) 26.10.20

Three stories about how labor migrants from Uzbekistan survived the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. (more…)

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has exposed the most vulnerable areas of healthcare systems around the world. While humanity is looking for a vaccine, doctors were the first to be thrown into the heat of the struggle. They were the ones who closed all the gaps in the ineffective systems.

Three stories about how doctors in Uzbekistan are fighting for the lives of patients and going through the hardest times of the global pandemic. (more…)