Anara Abdullaeva 20.11.20

The October 5 events have caused turmoil in political and social life of Kyrgyzstan and have left their mark: the new interim government has come, deputies of the 6th convocation could not abandon their mandates, and now the amendments to the basic law of the country – the Constitution – are coming up.

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The need to flee Taliban and the protracted war in Afghanistan, drive Afghan refugees to Tajikistan – a country in close proximity and a coveted safe place. (more…)

Have the protest sentiments in Central Asia been studied sufficiently? What common triggers do they have? What are the approaches of the Central Asian countries to regulate protest sentiments? What role do social media play in mobilizing protest sentiments? (more…) 17.11.20

Despite the statements of the authorities that rural healthcare centers were reorganised into family polyclinics in Uzbekistan, there is an acute shortage of medical personnel in remote villages, and many rural healthcare centers are in a miserable condition.


The Kyrgyz Republic has one of the most liberal taxation systems in the CIS. Test how well you know the subject. (more…)

Olga Ruslanova 16.11.20

Kyrgyzstan again faces the growth in coronavirus cases. 61 hospitals have been opened all over the republic for coronavirus patients. The majority of them have been opened in the south of the country.

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In September 2020, the amendments to the Law “On Citizenship” of March 13, 2020 came into force in Uzbekistan. It gives hope to many residents of the country to receive the long-desired citizenship.

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The number of divorces is constantly growing in Tajikistan. This leads to numerous problems, especially for young women, who are traditionally parented to become only wives and mothers. Young women are left alone without education and profession, with little children, often without support of their parents who cannot provide for them.


According to experts, the problem of ungraded schools can be solved with developed infrastructure and high-speed internet access.

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Dozens of countries suffer from the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic now. In many of them, the number of diseases is even higher than before. It’s critical in this situation not only to practice hygiene, communications, prevention, but take this information very carefully.