President of Kyrgyzstan Resigns. What’s Next?

Natalia Lee 15.10.20

On October 15, president of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Zheenbekov resigned. This decision was a surprise – just recently the head of state said he would leave office after the new parliamentary election.


Grin and bear it. How prisoners with disabilities are discriminated against in Kyrgyzstan

Back in May 2020, Kyrgyzstan announced amnesty to set handicapped people and people with disabilities free on parole. However, none of them was amnestied. (more…)

Mountainous Yoged Village, a Phenomenon in Religious Discussions in Tajikistan 09.10.20

Yoged is the only village in Darvoz district of GBAO of Tajikistan, where the most residents profess Ismaili Shia Islam, unlike their neighbors who are Sunnis. While the differences in religious madhhabs lead to discrimination, conflict and violence around the world, the experience of Yoged residents can be considered unique. (more…)

Video survey: What Do Tajiks Think About the Belarus Protests? survey of the residents of the Tajik capital showed that the majority of Tajiks know about the protests in Belarus and have different opinions on the current events there.


What is Happening and Who Rules the Country? Let’s Explain the Situation in Kyrgyzstan

Self-appointed heads appear in ministries and agencies of Kyrgyzstan, and the number of candidates running for prime minister in place of resigned Kubatbek Boronov is growing.


Tajikistan: Rural Residents Complain About Poor Conditions of the Healthcare Centers (Photoreport) 08.10.20

Healthcare centers in rural areas of Tajikistan are in disrepair, crumbled or unsuitable for receiving patients, and remain one of the acute problems. (more…)

“They say” Podcast: Is it true that people who practice Islam should be feared?

The current situation in the world has made many of us hostage to stereotypes and misunderstandings.

In the second episode of the podcast “They Say” we discuss an important and poignant stereotype – it is related to the topic of religion. And she, as you know, is often the cause of many social disagreements and even armed conflicts.


“They say” Podcast : Should a Man Earn More?

In the next issue of the podcast “They say” presenters Olga Kovaleva (Kyrgyzstan) and Timur Timerkhanov (Tajikistan) decided to touch upon the gender stereotype that a man supposedly should earn more.


Kyrgyzstan: How Vigilantes Protected the Capital from Looting at Night (photo report)

Daniil Lyapichev 07.10.20

On the night of October 6-7, vigilante groups patrolled Bishkek to prevent robberies and looting.


Second Day of Protests of Kyrgyzstanis against Unfair Election (photo report) 06.10.20

Protesters seized the White House building and freed ex-politicians from prison. On October 6, CEC of Kyrgyzstan recognised the results of election as null and void. (more…)