Multimedia 30.12.20

Experts believe that the government has to reduce the tax burden on the private business, which provides up to 80% of tax revenues to the budget in order to ensure tax collections. Otherwise, the entrepreneurs will withdraw their capital from the country whenever possible. (more…)

Diana Mustafina 29.12.20

The medical insurance provides the citizens of Kazakhstan with the opportunity to receive healthcare services, regardless of their income. Check your knowledge: do you have sufficient information about your rights under the current medical insurance system?

(more…) 28.12.20

Sari Khosor is one of the most remote and beautiful places in the mountains of Tajikistan, located 200 km southeast of Dushanbe in the Baljuvon region, southern, Khatlon region. The inhabitants of these places live in very difficult conditions. It is impossible to get here in winter. And in summer, the roads here are so difficult that some people have not seen the “mainland” for years. During the Soviet Union due to lack of roads most of the people were relocated from this place to nearby valleys. After the collapse of the Soviet Union people returned to their homes. (more…) 25.12.20

Kyrgyzstan has the waste problem along with economic and political issues. First, hundreds of spontaneous dumps can be seen around the city. Second, rubbish bins in Bishkek are often overfilled.

Diana Mustafina 21.12.20

The election of deputies of the lower house (Mazhilis) of the Kazakhstan parliament will be held on January 10, 2021. For the first time in 16 years, it will not be early but as constitutionally prescribed – 2 months before the expiration of the term of office.

(more…) 19.12.20

Uzbekistan capital began preparing for the New Year already at the end of November. See more in our photoreport.


Andrey Grishin 17.12.20

A small group of political refugees from Kazakhstan has settled down in Kyiv and in the neighbourhood. Those from the Kazakhstan opposition, who are not at risk of imprisonment when returning to their motherland in certain circumstances, can wait out hard times in Ukraine from time to time. 


Zulfiya Raissova 16.12.20

On the threshold of the parliamentary and local elections in Kazakhstan, the Central Election Commission restricted the work of independent observers and community-based organisations that observe elections.


Kyrgyzstan is holding early presidential election on January 10, 2021. 63 persons were going to run for president. However, not everyone made it to the pre-election race.
(more…) 10.12.20

Gender inequality remains one of the acute problems in Uzbekistan, despite the measures to improve the status of women. (more…)