IWPR CA / Uzbekistan

IWPR Held the Second CABAR.asia School of Analytics

CABAR.asia School of Analytics, where young a..

CABAR.asia 26.04.19
Experts and Scholars Discussed the Status and Prospects of the Sinology School in Tashkent

Scholars, historians and analysts discussed current issues of Chinese influence on Central Asian countries, Uzbekistan in particular...

CABAR.asia 20.04.19

Opinions / Uzbekistan

Back to School: Almaty Has Met Young Analysts

The main achievement was the creation of our large family of analysts, in which each is unique...

Lira Zaynilova 22.04.19
Social Experiment: How I was Wearing Headscarf in Tashkent for One Week

A journalist based in Tashkent, Louiza Atabayeva, was wearing a headscarf for a week and told what it was like to hold business meetings, travel by underground, meet boyfriend’s friends and..

Louisa Atabaeva 22.02.19