Asel Sultan 14.04.20

Restrictions on free movement due to the coronavirus’s spread in Central Asia have affected the media sphere. The media are adjusting to the remote work and are facing obstacles in reporting. (more…)

CABAR.asia 13.04.20

Not everyone managed to receive the assistance from the governments of Central Asian countries in due time. At the moment, many cannot return home, since the borders are closed.


CABAR.asia 10.04.20

Over the past few years, officials from the each state of the region have repeatedly mentioned the staged implementation of the distance education. The coronavirus emergency provided an opportunity to discover which country was the most prepared, or, to be precise, unprepared.


Akram Umarov 06.04.20

«The current crisis is a readiness test of Central Asian countries to build up regional political interaction, remove trade barriers, increase economic cooperation and resolve most of the long-term regional problems,» – mentioned research associate Akram Umarov, in an article written specifically for CABAR.asia.


Khadisha Akayeva 03.04.20

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, causing SARS COVID-19 pneumonia, has led to appearance of a lot of fake, that is, deliberately misleading, information. During an all-out panic, it causes significant damage.


CABAR.asia 01.04.20

The quarantine and economic recession in Russia can become a time bomb for Central Asia, according to experts.


CABAR.asia 30.03.20

How did the coronavirus disease affect the residents of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan?

CABAR.asia 27.03.20

Despite the officials’ statements, there are problems with availability of certain items and price gouging in each of the countries of the region.

Dilmurad Yusupov 13.03.20

«Unnecessary regulation of the non-governmental non-profit sector, the maintenance of bureaucratic hurdles and the prevalence of the control functions over building an equal social partnership – all together impede the development of civil society in Uzbekistan», experts Dilmurad Yusupov and Oybek Isakov note in their article for CABAR.asia.


A market provides a microcosm of part-time, seasonal or informal employment. (more…)