Zulfiya Raissova 22.05.20

After the USSR collapse, all the republics that gained independence created their own armed forces. CABAR.asia decided to analyze military strength of the Central Asian countries. 


Dana Oparina 20.05.20

Women and children have nowhere to go from the abuser during the lockdown and self-isolation period. (more…)

CABAR.asia 15.05.20

How does the capital of Uzbekistan live under the strict quarantine to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic?

CABAR.asia 14.05.20

Region’s business conditions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Five flooded villages, over 31 thousand evacuated residents: these are the consequences of the floodwaters from Uzbekistan for Southern Kazakhstan. The evaluation of the scale and damage the disaster caused will only be possible after it ends. Meanwhile, the water keeps coming. (more…)

The authorities of Uzbekistan are trying to get rid of the negative image of the country. Uzbekistan is known as a place where the rights and freedoms of religious citizens are systematically violated. (more…)

The citizens of Central Asian republics quarantined for two weeks criticise their authorities for improper organisation, creation of conditions for mass COVID-19 infection and developing new diseases.


How does water shortage affect Uzbekistan’s economic and political life? How effective are the measures undertaken by the government and international organizations? Will the Central Asian countries be able to collectively address water problems? (more…)

CABAR.asia 20.04.20

On April 18, 2020, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in Central Asia (IWPR CA) and CABAR.asia held an online expert discussion on major environmental issues in Uzbekistan. (more…)