Photo report: Tashkent after quarantine mitigation

CABAR.asia 23.11.20

How the capital of Uzbekistan lives after the mitigation of the quarantine, imposed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic.


Photoreport: Rural Healthcare Requires Support in Uzbekistan

CABAR.asia 17.11.20

Despite the statements of the authorities that rural healthcare centers were reorganised into family polyclinics in Uzbekistan, there is an acute shortage of medical personnel in remote villages, and many rural healthcare centers are in a miserable condition.


Uzbekistan Simplified Procedure for Obtaining Citizenship: What Changed and How Does It Work?

CABAR.asia 12.11.20

In September 2020, the amendments to the Law “On Citizenship” of March 13, 2020 came into force in Uzbekistan. It gives hope to many residents of the country to receive the long-desired citizenship.


When and How Will Central Asian Economies Recover From COVID-19?

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the issue of post-COVID economic recovery in Central Asia is already included in the agenda. International institutions and the expert research community’s representatives present various timelines of economic recovery to the pre-crisis level. Meanwhile, there are proposals about the transformation of the economic model itself.


Tajikistan and Uzbekistan as Possible Drivers of Regional Cooperation in Central Asia

Rustami Sukhrob 22.10.20

Reestablished ties between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, despite the bilateral nature, can play a definitive role in bolstering intra-regional co-operation. An expert on international relations Rustami Sukhrob looks into the points of contact, problems and prospects for these two neighbouring countires and attempts to explain what implications their repproachment can bring for the rest of Central Asia.


Belarus Events: Reaction in Uzbekistan

CABAR.asia 16.10.20

Belarus protests against the election results did not generate much interest in the Uzbek media. While the authorities tend to keep silent on this issue, Russian media strongly influences the public opinion.


Yuliy Yusupov: What Lessons Can Central Asia Learn from the Events in Belarus?

CABAR.asia 02.10.20

The events in Belarus show that “the old and already customary mechanisms for extending the power of authoritarian leaders are failing,” Yuliy Yusupov, director of the Center for Assistance to Economic Development of Uzbekistan, said in an interview with CABAR.asia.


Women’s Activism in Belarus and Central Asia: a Trend or Necessity?

Zulfiya Raissova 22.09.20

How did it happen that women became the main force of the protests in Belarus in 2020, whose courage is observed by the whole world, and what is the situation with women’s activism in Central Asia? (more…)

Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uzbekistan: Will Expectations Come True?

“From time to time, negative incidents related to the activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, such as the use of torture, beatings and frequent cases of corruption in the ranks of the internal affairs bodies, only strengthen the negative attitude of ordinary citizens towards their “defenders”, mentions Farkhod Mirzabaev, an independent analyst, participant of the CABAR.asia School of Analytics from Tashkent.


The Third Decade of Independence: How Fast Does the Central Asian Population Grow?

CABAR.asia 18.08.20

During the past 10 years, the population of Central Asia has been increasing by an average of one million people annually. Despite the low living standards and high mortality rate in some countries, experts predict the further growth of the region’s population.