IWPR CA / Kazakhstan

IWPR Contributor Nominated for Prestigious Freedom of Expression Award

One of IWPR’s long-term contributors from Kazakstan, Gaziza Baituova, has been nominated for the Index on Censorship Journalism Award 2017...

CABAR.asia 06.12.16
IWPR Kazakhstan is seeking for a Trainer for development of an Alternative Report

Institute for War & Peace Reporting is seeking for Regional Trainer for  delivering training on the development of a..

CABAR.asia 26.08.15

Investigations / Kazakhstan

Investigation: Fake UN Representatives Stay Active in Kazakstan

Obschestvennaya Nagrada profit organisation, which has been selling orders instituted by it to rich Kazakstanis for several years, has involved a specialist to give them out. According to th..

Artem Marusitsch 06.12.18
IWPR Kazakhstan: HIV: People are dying because of people

In our society, people are increasingly witnessing the horrific stories about friends, colleagues and even strangers who are victims of a terrible disease that is HIV. The mortality ra..

CABAR.asia 13.03.15

Opinions / Kazakhstan

Implementation of the “Open Skies” Policy in Central Asia

The topic of “open skies” from the air carriage industry in recent years has increasingly begun to sound both in the media and in the lobbies of the governments of Central Asian countries. T..

Askar Mukashev 19.01.19