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Diana Mustafina 19.01.21

According to the World Air Quality, Nur-Sultan gets into the category of the most gas-polluted and dangerous to health cities of the world from time to time.


Dastan Akkozha 18.01.21

The election of the new members of the lower house of Kazakhstan parliament was held on schedule on January 10 for the first time in 16 years. Although, this process could hardly be called the election: independent candidates could not be elected, whereas opposition parties in Kazakhstan were denied registration under the pretext of incorrectly completed documents.

(more…) 11.01.21

The elections to the lower house of the Kazakh Parliament were held amid the protests and activists’ detentions.


Dastan Akkozha 08.01.21

Parliamentary and local elections will be held in Kazakhstan on January 10, 2021. Shortly before, a number of changes were introduced in the election legislation.


Zulfiya Raissova 06.01.21

The Kazakh government approved the rules for conducting fingerprinting and genomic registration of the population.


Diana Mustafina 29.12.20

The medical insurance provides the citizens of Kazakhstan with the opportunity to receive healthcare services, regardless of their income. Check your knowledge: do you have sufficient information about your rights under the current medical insurance system?


Diana Mustafina 21.12.20

The election of deputies of the lower house (Mazhilis) of the Kazakhstan parliament will be held on January 10, 2021. For the first time in 16 years, it will not be early but as constitutionally prescribed – 2 months before the expiration of the term of office.


Andrey Grishin 17.12.20

A small group of political refugees from Kazakhstan has settled down in Kyiv and in the neighbourhood. Those from the Kazakhstan opposition, who are not at risk of imprisonment when returning to their motherland in certain circumstances, can wait out hard times in Ukraine from time to time. 


Zulfiya Raissova 16.12.20

On the threshold of the parliamentary and local elections in Kazakhstan, the Central Election Commission restricted the work of independent observers and community-based organisations that observe elections.

(more…) 08.12.20

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