Elena Kosolapova 11.02.21

Landmark deal may finally facilitate pipeline to Europe – if the Europeans are still interested. (more…)

CABAR.asia 05.02.21

On January 16, the legislative amendments to the Tax Code were adopted in Tajikistan, according to which all digital services in the country are now subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) at the rate of 18%. Similar amendments are discussed or are already introduced in other Central Asian countries. (more…)

Serdar Aytakov 11.12.20

The high-ranking officials of Turkmenistan confirm that the Covid-19 pandemic is a hypothetical risk for the country, which is tackled successfully by the government. However, the socioeconomic situation in the republic proves otherwise.  


Derya Jomartov 07.12.20

The sector exists simply to idolise the president and serve the ruling class. (more…)

Rustami Sukhrob 15.09.20

The fate of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan (TAT) railway is still unclear, although in terms of importance this project can compete with China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 


CABAR.asia 07.08.20

In 2019 and early 2020, about 90 petitions from Central Asian countries were published on the popular platform Change.org. (more…)

Zulfiya Raissova 22.05.20

After the USSR collapse, all the republics that gained independence created their own armed forces. CABAR.asia decided to analyze military strength of the Central Asian countries. 


Inga Sikorskaia 21.04.20

The regime insists the country is virus-free, but experts warn of an impending crisis. (more…)

Elena Kosolapova 08.11.19

Turkmenistan is now in vital need of extra resources, but according to experts it will be hard to get them. 

Mufiza Kenjayeva 01.11.19

The policy of neutrality proclaimed by the Turkmen authorities in foreign policy has actually turned into selective isolation and exacerbates the country’s problems, said Mufiza Kenzhaeva, a participant of the CABAR.asia School of Analytics. In her opinion, Ashgabat should open the country and engage in dialogue with neighbors and external actors.