Why Did Kazakhstan Fail The International PISA Assessment?

Kazakhstan had participated in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) for the fourth time. The test results fell below the performance of previous years. Research suggests the relationship between funding and quality of education. (more…)

How Businesses in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Behaved During COVID-19

Illegal clubs and beauty salons, dismissals and lines – coronavirus pandemic has become a strength test for social responsibility of businesses in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. 


How Does Coronavirus Affect the Construction Industry of Kazakhstan?

Construction freezing, increase of construction materials’ prices, decreasing home sales, wage arrears: the construction business in Kazakhstan is experiencing these and other consequences of the emergency and quarantine introduction. According to the participants and experts of the construction market, the industry is in a very difficult situation, and it will not overcome it without state support. (more…)

Sharipbai Utegenov: Veterans of Afghan War Unhappy with Law They Expected for 20 Years

Why Kazakhstan veterans of Afghan War are unhappy with the law “On veterans” to be adopted in their country, what should it contain in their opinion, and how they are going to achieve that. These are the things that were told to CABAR.asia by Sharipbai Utegenov, a chair of the Union of Veterans of Afghan War and local wars of Kazakhstan and a deputy chair of the Committee for Internationalist Soldiers Affairs of the council of the heads of CIS member state governments.


Doctors Got Infected in Kazakhstan. Who Is to Blame and What Is to Be Done?

Dinara Bekim 12.05.20

As of April 27, 820 healthcare workers are infected with coronavirus in Kazakhstan. According to the Ministry of Health, 66% of them were not involved in the care and treatment of COVID-19 patients.


All-Online: How Do Central Asian States Celebrate the 75th Victory Day?

CABAR.asia 11.05.20

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the public events ban, the large-scale celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War are not planned this year in Central Asian countries (except Turkmenistan). Celebrations and parades will be held in a new format: as non-contact as possible.


Kazakhstan: The Struggle for Square Foot

Aslan Nurzhanov 08.05.20

«An average Kazakh citizen that steadily allocates 100% of his salary to savings will need about 11 years to purchase a 540-square-foot apartment, » notes project manager at Eurasian Center for People Management and CABAR.asia School of Analytics participant, Aslan Nurzhanov in the article. (more…)

Treatment of Coronavirus Cases in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

While the world continues to develop COVID-19 vaccine, coronavirus cases are treated according to protocols developed in every single country. However, not everyone is pleased with the treatment. Both in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan there are cases when patients refuse treatment.


Residents of Kazakh Flooded Villages Are Waiting for Reparations From Uzbekistan

Five flooded villages, over 31 thousand evacuated residents: these are the consequences of the floodwaters from Uzbekistan for Southern Kazakhstan. The evaluation of the scale and damage the disaster caused will only be possible after it ends. Meanwhile, the water keeps coming. (more…)