Why Do Kazakh Authorities Want to Return Progressive Taxation?

Asel Sultan 02.07.20

The authorities of Kazakhstan propose to introduce progressive individual income taxation again, which functioned up to 2007. The  economists believe that the initiative’s purpose is not clear and its feasibility is questionable. (more…)

Kazakhstan: Secularism is Not a Western Invention

Dinara Bekim 29.06.20

Central Asia spoke about the religious freedom and separation of religion from state back in the 10th century. Today’s concept of “secularism” in Kazakhstan has changed and is not working for all. 


Impact of COVID-19 on Food Security in Kazakhstan

The Central Asian agri-food sector and consumers are experiencing the negative consequences of quarantine restrictions, trade barriers and other factors. (more…)

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan: Coronavirus Aggravates Unemployment

Gulnaz Mustafa 10.06.20

Coronavirus pandemic has hit not only business, but the labour market of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. 


Coronavirus Impact on Employment in Kazakhstan

Zulfiya Raissova 09.06.20

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously impacted the economy and job security in Kazakhstan. One of the outbreak’s devastating effects has been the income loss for businesses in hospitality and catering, manufacturing, retail, as well as commercial and administrative activities. What about employment before and during the crisis?


Infographics: How Has the Composition of the Parliament of Kazakhstan Changed Since 1999?

Zulfiya Raissova 05.06.20

Experts are not confident that 30% quota for women and youth will significantly change the political agenda of Kazakhstan. In their opinion, it will function only nominally.

Why Kazakhstan Introduces Quotas for Women and Young People?

On May 25, the president of Kazakhstan Kassym Zhomart-Tokayev signed amendments to the elections law. They introduce mandatory 30 per cent quotas for women and young people into voting lists of political parties. (more…)

Experiences of Labor Migrants in Kazakhstan During COVID-19: Leave or Stay?

Aizhan Kakenova 01.06.20

In this economic instability faced both by public and by the government, there is one group left behind all possible parachutes and safety opportunities. This group is ethnic migrants.


To Publish or Not To Publish: What Happens in Print Journalism of Kazakhstan during COVID-19

Print media suffered the most of all Kazakhstan media from coronavirus. The crisis made many media outlets come to the limit and they will either die out or disappear, or transform, according to experts.


How is the Fight Against Corruption in Kazakhstan Taken Place?

Askar Mukashev 28.05.20

In recent years, Kazakhstan has been actively involved in the fight against corruption. Starting from 2015, a new anti-corruption strategy of Kazakhstan was formed. Despite the various measures taken by the state, the country still fails to achieve the desired results.