What Prevents the Domestic Violence Criminalization in Kazakhstan and Why Is It Necessary?

Assem Zhapisheva 06.08.20

In 2017, domestic violence was removed from the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan. At the same time, according to the public fund “NeMolchi.kz” (“Do Not Be Silent” – tr.), an average of 120 rapes, 5232 beatings, 72 injuries, 14 murders and 48 suicides of women is registered per month in the country. (more…)

Pandemic and Human Rights: Only Repressive System is Functioning in Kazakhstan

Asel Sultan 03.08.20

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, civil activists are being detained in Kazakhstan for peaceful actions and posts on Facebook, and doctors who tell about the problems with supplies in hospitals are intimidated and fired from job. (more…)

Kazakhstan: Only 39% of Criminal Cases on Violence Against Minors Result in Sentences

The number of crimes against sexual integrity of minors is growing every year in Kazakhstan.


“Coronavirus” Bonuses to Health Workers in Kazakhstan: Will Be or Won’t Be

Gulnaz Mustafa 28.07.20

Kazakhstan suspended additional payments to health workers who are involved in the struggle against coronavirus despite the fact that the situation in the country got worse significantly.


“Mainstream” of the Past: How Did the Decentralization Reform Take Place in Kazakhstan? 

CABAR.asia 24.07.20

«The policy of decentralization ended with unclear results and did not stimulate a tangible improvement in the accountability of local authorities,» mentioned independent expert Akram Umarov in an article, written specifically for CABAR.asia.


Kazakhstan: No Medicines, Hospital Admission Only Through Connections

CABAR.asia 20.07.20

In early March, the authorities predicted three thousand coronavirus infected patients in Kazakhstan. Today, there are over 50 thousand infected in the country already. There is a shortage of hospital beds in Kazakh hospitals. Patients are placed in the corridors. Not everyone is admitted, only those under 60. (more…)

Rural Community Centres in Kazakhstan: No One Wants to be Responsible for Culture

CABAR.asia 17.07.20

Kazakhstan has almost 2.5 thousand rural districts. A half of all villages in the country have community centres that have not been repaired for decades: some are privatised, others are abandoned. 500 villages have no community centres at all. (more…)

Kazakhstan: 88 Convictions for Slander Against Journalists in 10 Years

Zulfiya Raissova 09.07.20

The Penal Code of Kazakhstan no longer punishes defamation – Article 130 was transferred to the Code of Administrative Offenses. Yet, according to the experts, it should have been transferred to the Civil Code, and the Law “On Mass Media” should be completely reformed. (more…)

Replacing Turkey: This Summer Kazakhstanis Will Go On Vacation Within the Country

Coronavirus pandemic has given a surprising opportunity for the development and strengthening of domestic tourism. But whether Kazakhstanis will go on vacation within the country after its end mainly depends on business restructuring.