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Month in Review: Central Asia in October 2020

October 2020 in Central Asia is remembered for the stable rise in the COVID-19 cases; recent elections in two countries; social turmoil and regime change in Kyrgyzstan; visits by the defense ministers of Russia and Turkey; another border conflict. The analytical platform CABAR.asia provides a brief overview of the major events in the region over the past month.

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Epidemiological situation

On October 21, Kazakh Health Ministry said that the country is seeing a surge in the number of COVID-cases[1]. Kazakhstan also reports the pneumonia outbreak[2].

As of October 31, the country reports a total of 112,418 coronavirus cases and 1,825 deaths. The highest number of new cases are reported in Nur-Sultan city, East Kazakhstan, and North Kazakhstan regions[3]. Authorities are to install sanitary checkpoints in these regions on November 1[4].

Kazakh Health Ministry has detached pneumonia data from tallying COVID-19 numbers since August 1. As of October 31, the country reports a total of 37,746 pneumonia cases and 401 deaths[5]. Late in September, Kazakhstan has also reported a bird flu outbreak in the country’s seven regions[6].

Quarantine zones

To curb a new surge in coronavirus cases, Kazakhstan has divided its territory into red, yellow, and green zones[7].

A region is assigned a certain coloring label depending on 1) the rate of infectious-contact person transmission; 2) COVID-19 cases per 100,000. Regions with over 50 cases per 100,000 people are labeled red, those with 20 to 50 cases labeled yellow, and the green – less than 50 cases[8].

While all regions are mostly green, the East Kazakhstan and North Kazakhstan regions are in the yellow zone[9]. The surge in numbers in the two regions is attributable to non-compliance with public health regulations and incessant cargo flows from neighboring countries[10].   

Tightening quarantine measures

To curb a surge in coronavirus infection, the Kazakh government has announced a tightening up of measures in several regions and cities in mid-October.

Home-based work was requested in the public and private sectors. Working hours of catering facilities, notaries, and others have been slashed. Public transport was suspended on Sundays[11].

On October 27, Kazakhstan has imposed tighter measures at all border points[12]. A day earlier, the country cut a number of its international flights[13].

Borat scandal

On October 23, Amazon Prime Video hosted the premiere of the sequel of the satirical comedy “Borat” that had previously enjoyed ambiguous reception in both Kazakhstan and the world[14].

On October 2, Kazakh social media users demanded to ban the streaming of the film using the #cancelborat hashtag[15]. They also launched the “I am proud of my flag” campaign online[16]. More than 100,000 people signed an online petition affirming the film defiles the dignity of the Kazakh nation[17].

On a premier day, a group of activists gathered at the Almaty-based US Consulate General and have called on diplomats to adopt legislative measures against the filmmakers[18]. In turn, the Consulate General assured the crowd that the US government has nothing to do with Borat[19]. Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister also commented on the public’s revulsion, arguing that mockumentary writers deliberately try to instigate a formal protest note in order to increase film earnings[20].

A crowd near the US Consulate General in Almaty protest the American film “Borat-2” directed by British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen.

Despite the resentment of Kazakhstanis, the Amazon Prime Video, within the publicity campaign, has recreated Borat’s image in the form of a giant inflatable doll and displayed it in London, Toronto, and New York[21]. They also erected a 20-foot Borat monument in Sydney[22].

Kazakhstanis have essentially fallen into two camps on the issue. Some accuse the film of being racist and xenophobic. The other half believes the mockumentary is only a political satire[23].

Military cooperation

On October 16, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was on an official visit to Kazakhstan[24].

Kazakh President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu signed a new agreement on military cooperation between the two countries. The parties also discussed regional security issues[25].

Photo: akorda.kz

Political asylum

On September 29, the French National Court of Asylum has decided to grant the Kazakh oppositionist Mukhtar Ablyazov political refugee status[26].

The French court’s decision says that “many facets of his case validate persecution of political opponents practiced by the Kazakh authorities”[27]. On October 5, Ablyazov’s lawyer Botha Jardemalie reported on “how Kazakh authorities attempted to exert the most powerful political pressure on French judiciary “[28].

Mukhtar Ablyazov is the leader of the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan, a political party banned in the country. In 2018, he has been sentenced by the Criminal Court of Kazakhstan in absentia to life in prison for the alleged murder for hire. Ablyazov believes all the charges brought against him are politically motivated[29]


Covid-19 Top Stories

Kyrgyzstan is seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases over the last two weeks. Whilst the country reported a maximum of 150 new daily cases in early October, by the end of the month this figure is more than quadrupled[30]. The Health Ministry says that recent political events in the country have prompted an increase in coronavirus numbers[31].

As of October 31, the country reports a total of 58,878 COVID-cases and 1145 deaths. 3413 patients are hospital-treated. Kyrgyzstan includes community-acquired pneumonia cases in official COVID-19 data[32]

A surge in the number of cases is observed both in the south and in the north of the republic. Authorities have installed sanitary checkpoints at the entrances to Osh oblast in mid-October[33], whilst also deploying hospitals in some schools in the capital city[34].  

On October 24, the construction of a pre-fabricated infectious diseases hospital, with a capacity reception of 100 people and modern equipment, was completed in Bishkek[35].

The parliamentary election results

Kyrgyzstan held its parliamentary elections on October 4, 2020. 16 parties competed for 120 seats in the unicameral legislature. According to the manual counting of all ballot papers, only four parties were able to overcome the seven percent threshold[36].

On October 5, a couple of thousand people, alongside political party members, took onto the main square in Bishkek, demanding the annulment of the election results and a fresh round of voting. Protesters claimed policymakers actively employed massive vote-buying and abused administrative resources in the election campaign[37].

By the evening, the peaceful gathering turned into clashes between protesters and law enforcement agencies which were armed with rubber bullets and flash grenades. In turn, the protesters used stones and Molotov cocktails[38]. Protesters broke into the territory of the White House around midnight, driving security personnel away from the main square[39]. Further, the protesters marched to the building of the National Security Committee, where they released from the custody former President Almazbek Atambayev, former Prime Minister Sapar Isakov, and several other politicians[40].

Photo: Argen Baktybek uulu 

Over one thousand people have been injured in clashes, 190 of whom are the employees of power bodies[41]. One protester was killed.[42] Several buses, patrol cars, and ambulances have been damaged. The total amount of damage to city property is estimated at 17 million KGS[43].

The following day, several countries and political groups have expressed serious concern over the situation[44]. Oppositional protests evoking regime change is not uncommon for Kyrgyzstan. Experts attribute regular coups to the evident confrontation between northern and southern clans of the country[45].     

Temporary appointments

On October 6, President Sooronbai Jeenbekov called on all political forces to return to the legal field[46]. Protesters, nonetheless, commenced arbitrary seizure of government buildings and began appointing their own leaders[47].

Unknown persons attempted raider seizure of large business enterprises in the capital[48], whilst criminal groups have seized several ore deposits across the country[49]. It later became known that in the Issyk-Kul region, unknown citizens tried to extort money from the owners of recreation centers[50].

Meanwhile, the plenipotentiaries of five country’s oblasts resigned from their offices, but some returned after a while[51]. There have been various protests in Osh, Naryn, Karakol, and Talas[52]. Given the current socio-political situation, different cities had observed the emergence of volunteer civil defense units, which together with police stood guard to ensure public safety[53].

Meanwhile, the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda (CEC) has decided to recognize the results of the parliamentary elections null and void[54], whilst some political party members had formed a coordination council in stabilization efforts[55].

On October 9, Sooronbai Jeenbekov signed a decree on the resignation of the government headed by Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov[56]. The MPs met for extraordinary sessions a few times, deciding on the appointment of temporary positions. The decisions, however, were illegitimate because of the lack of a quorum[57].

State of emergency

On October 9, adherents of several opposition forces gathered in the capital’s center. While supporters of former deputy Sadyr Japarov protested in the old square, members of the united opposition led by ex-president Almazbek Atambayev and former head of government Omurbek Babanov marched along the central streets towards Ala-Too Square. It was also reported on a peaceful march “Country without organized crime groups” led by civil activists and political party candidates that, too, targeted square as a final destination[58].

Fearing new unrest, Sooronbai Jeenbekov signed a decree introducing a state of emergency on the territory of Bishkek, inferring to the involvement of the combat soldiers to maintain public order[59].

Despite that, later that day, there was an altercation between the united opposition and Sadyr Japarov’s followers on the main square, where five people were injured[60]. There has also been an assassination attempt on Almazbek Atambayev, whose car was fired upon with live ammunition[61]. The united opposition members had been forced to leave the square[62].


On October 10, an induction training for the Bishkek military garrison was carried out on the Ala-Too square with the participation of all uniformed services. Police patrol cars and military equipment were diverted to the square[63]. Experts note that by doing so, the authorities wanted to validate control over the current situation[64]. However, several media outlets reported attacks and threats from protesters[65].

Later, security forces detained Almazbek Atambayev and his supporters based on rogatory letters on the case of the organization of social turmoil[66]. Meanwhile, checkpoints were installed at the entrances to Bishkek[67]. A curfew was also imposed in the capital[68].

On October 14, an extraordinary session of Parliament was held at the State House. 83 members unanimously endorsed the candidacy of Sadyr Japarov for the prime minister and his new government[69]. In turn, the president ratified the new appointments[70]

President’s resignation

On October 15, Sooronbai Jeenbekov has decided to step down in order to avoid clashes between the police and protesters[71].

According to the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, in this case, the speaker of the parliament becomes the acting president, i.e. the newly elected Kanatbek Isaev. However, due to the incessant rallies of Sadyr Japarov’s supporters, Isaev was forced to relinquish power[72]. Thus, the power devolved into Sadyr Japarov’s hands[73]

Meanwhile, on October 19, the Supreme Court acquitted Sadyr Japarov, Kamchybek Tashiev, and Talant Mamytov in their case of power seizure attempt. This “trinity” had been detained in 2012 for organizing mass riots in the center of Bishkek[74].

Immediately after his appointment, Sadyr Japarov has made several personnel decisions. For instance, on October 16, the acting president approved his ally Kamchybek Tashiev as chairman of the State Committee for National Security (GKNB)[75].

Arrests of Matraimov and Kolbaev

On October 20, ex-Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Service (GTS) Raiymbek Matraimov was taken for interrogation to the National Security Committee (GKNB)[76].

GKNB reported that the ex-deputy chairman and other customs service officials were involved in a corruption scheme funneling shadow income during customs administration. “Raiymbek Matraimov’s criminal acts” reportedly cost 2 billion soms of initial damage to the country’s budget[77].

During the interrogation, Matraimov appealed for a plea agreement and said he is willing to compensate for the damage[78]. As a result, the Pervomaisky court of Bishkek ordered a house arrest for two months[79].   

Earlier Sadyr Japarov had promised to close the case of 700 million dollars funneled out of the country[80], whilst the head of GKNB Kamchybek Tashiev said that he would bring Raiymbek Matraimov to justice[81].

On October 22, Kyrgyzstan’s most notorious crime boss Kamchy Kolbaev has been arrested in Bishkek[82]. Experts argue that these arrests are for illustrative purposes only[83]

Also, on October 21, Sadyr Japarov has announced “an economic amnesty” for former officials who illegally enriched themselves through corruption to return all proceeds of crime in 30 days. Japarov says that if the order is ignored, the most stringent measures will be taken against officials[84].


On October 17, the CEC of the Kyrgyz Republic reported that the new elections to the country’s parliament will be scheduled only after current MPs will adopt initiated amendments – a decrease in the electoral threshold and bail, as well as the abolition of form No. 2 – in the electoral code[85].

On October 21, the CEC members set the date for new elections to the country’s parliament, although the above amendments have not yet been approved by the deputies[86]. Experts say that means the new election will be held under the old legislation, i.e.  a 7 percent barrier, among other things[87]

Moreover, on October 22, Sadyr Japarov signed a decree postponing parliamentary and presidential elections after the completion of the constitutional reform[88].

But contrary to the signed decree, on October 24, the CEC of the Kyrgyz Republic set a date for early presidential elections. Chairman of the CEC asserted that the decision was rendered according to the legislation, which states that presidential elections should be held no later than three months after the resignation of the head of state[89].

The situation suggests that the newly elected authorities and state bodies are deeply divided[90]

International financial assistance

Over the past two weeks, the newly appointed Foreign Minister Ruslan Kazakbayev has held various meetings with representatives of both foreign countries and political associations[91].

On October 23, Ruslan Kazakbaev met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow[92]. And on October 28, Kazakbayev met with Kazakh President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev[93].

Given the volatile situation in Kyrgyzstan, Moscow suspended its financial assistance on October 14[94]. Experts believe that the financial issue is currently the major item on the agenda of Kyrgyz diplomacy[95].

The latest political events in Kyrgyzstan instigated enormous damage to the country’s economy, which was already barely coping with the pandemic-induced economic crisis[96].

Another incident on the Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border

On October 25, there has been another conflict in Batken oblast, on the section of the Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border, between Tajik civilians and military personnel of Kyrgyzstan[97].

According to the Kyrgyz border service, Tajik citizens have been installing water pipes on the state border section that has not been demarcated. As Tajik civilians allegedly ignored a request to halt the use of farmland, Kyrgyz border guards have been compelled to fire a warning shot in the air[98].   

In turn, the Tajik National Security Committee stated that Kyrgyz border guards opened fire on unarmed Tajik civilians, arguing that the area where Tajik farmers worked belongs to the territory of Tajikistan[99].

On October 29, the Kyrgyz border service has employed an enhanced security clearance[100].

Conflicts on the Ferghana Valley borders are nothing new. There are a handful of significant incidents involving both local residents and border troops[101].

Anti-Macron Protests

On October 30, a group of people took onto the streets in Jalal-Abad and Osh to protest Emmanuel Macron’s statements on the Islamic religion[102]

Protesters trampled sheets with the French president’s image for some time while shouting “Glory to Allah”, media report[103]. Earlier, the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan also condemned Macron’s statements[104].

Similar protests took place in many other countries[105]. Following the incident in one of the French cities, Emmanuel Macron made certain statements that elicited nothing if not mixed reactions in the world[106].


Covid-19 Top Stories


As of October 31, Tajik Health Ministry reports a total of 11,017 coronavirus cases and 82 deaths[107].

Some media outlets report that the authorities deliberately downplay the COVID-19 numbers[108]. They also report on the surge in new cases in the country’s regions. Health workers anonymously report overcrowded hospitals and high mortality rates. Experts attribute the increase in morbidity to the non-compliance with public health regulations[109].

By mid-October, Khujand city administration expressed concern about the rate of coronavirus spread in the Sughd region[110]. On October 22, Khujand had closed many entertainment facilities and imposed restrictions on mass gatherings[111].

Presidential elections

On October 11, 2020, Tajikistan held its presidential elections. Five candidates from different party unions contested for the presidential office[112].

Incumbent President Emomali Rahmon won the election with about 90 percent of the vote. It’s Rahmon’s fifth time to get re-elected as Tajik President[113].

Photo: TASS

Hitherto, international observers had never recognized the elections in Tajikistan as truly democratic, claiming that the real opposition leaders were deprived of the right to run[114].

During these elections, the media reported little campaigning efforts on the part of the President-elect’s opponents[115]. Following the election results, the opponents unanimously declared that they were happy about Emomali Rahmon’s victory[116].

Inauguration ceremony

On October 30, the inauguration of the newly elected President Emomali Rahmon took place in Dushanbe.

The main part of the ceremony was held at the Palais des Nations, where the newly-elected president has made some statements[117]. A military parade was later held on the central square with the participation of uniformed personnel[118].

Emomali Rahmon has received a number of congratulatory statements from world leaders [119]. However, the current inauguration ceremony was held without the participation of foreign country representatives.

Diplomatic ties

On October 2, in New York, a signing ceremony was held for a joint statement on the establishment of diplomatic relations between Tajikistan and the Republic of Sierra Leone[120].

On October 5, Tajikistan established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Angola[121].


Covid-19 Top Stories

On October 20, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered the Health Ministry to acquire high-quality coronavirus vaccines. He also instructed to continue the production of personal protective equipment[122].

There has been not a single case of coronavirus infection officially confirmed in Turkmenistan. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov says that “comprehensive effort of the authorities helped to build a reliable bulwark against infectious diseases in the country”[123].

By late October, however, Turkmen authorities began considering tighter quarantine measures. Several media outlets report that this is attributable to the coronavirus outbreak in the women’s colony in Dashoguz, where they recorded nearly 500 cases according to unofficial estimates. The latter also reports on the high fatality rate and surge in COVID-19 numbers in the Lebap velayat[124].

On October 31, Turkmenistan Airlines announced it would prolong the suspension of all international flights until the end of 2020[125]. On October 29, Turkmen Railways also extended the suspension of train traffic[126]

Besides, Ashgabat police fine people for non-compliance with public health measures[127].

Political persecution

On October 22, Turkmen activist Dursoltan Taganova obtained political asylum in Turkey[128]

On July 19, 2020, following protests against President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, 80 Turkmen citizens had been detained in Istanbul[129]. Among the detainees was an activist Dursoltan Taganova, who was in detention until October 12[130]. On the same day, the Turkmen authorities put the activist on the wanted list allegedly for “committing fraud”[131].

Earlier, 11 international human rights organizations called on the Turkish authorities to refrain from deporting Dursoltan Taganova. They are convinced that upon her return to Turkmenistan the activist will most likely get persecuted by the authorities[132].

Besides, the Turkmen government had been actively trying to pressure the activist’s relatives.

On October 22, several international human rights organizations called on Turkmen authorities to immediately release lawyer Pygamberdy Allaberdyev, who was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment[133].  

The lawyer had been reportedly detained on bogus charges in a state attempt of retaliation for his alleged links with the opposition abroad[134]. It will be recalled that on September 29, Pigamberdy Allaberdyev was convicted of “inflicting intentional harm on another person”[135]

Following numerous anti-government protests organized by Turkmen citizens overseas, the Turkmen authorities have begun to fear public unrest inside the country[136].


On October 21, the State Duma ratified an agreement between Russia and Turkmenistan on security cooperation[137].

The document, signed in Moscow in 2003, provides for the coordination of foreign policy activities on the settlement of regional conflicts and other crisis situations.  The mechanism provided by bilateral and multilateral agreements between competent departments in the fight against international terrorism[138].

State Duma deputies believe this agreement will be of primary use in the “porous Turkmenistan-Afghanistan border”.




On October 23, the Republican Headquarters reported coronavirus re-infections cases in Uzbekistan[139]. As of October 31, the country’s Health Ministry reports a total of 66,932 coronavirus cases and 566 deaths[140].  2,193 patients are hospital-treated[141].

By late September, Yuxalish national movement urged the authorities to provide robust and reliable COVID-19 numbers[142].   

Vaccine testing

On October 21, it was announced that the government plans to conduct clinical trials of a Chinese coronavirus vaccine in Uzbekistan[143]. The National Commission is willing to pay the volunteers[144].

In case of a successful conclusion of clinical trials, Uzbekistan will be able to purchase the vaccine at a minimal price.

UN Human Rights Council

On October 13, Uzbekistan for the first time in its history became a member of the UN Human Rights Council. Apart from Uzbekistan, 14 countries, including Russia and Ukraine, have been elected to the council[145].

As luck would have it, on October 9, for the first time judicial body has ordered state to pay financial compensation to a prisoner for illegal detention. We are talking about human rights activist Chuyan Mamatkulov, who served six years of sentence in the notorious Jaslyk colony, where he has been tortured repeatedly. In March 2020, the human rights activist had been acquitted for lack of evidence[146]

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the UN General Assembly re-elected countries with “appalling performance” in the field of human rights, including China, Russia, and Cuba[147].

Military cooperation

On October 27, Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev met in Tashkent with the Defense Minister of Turkey Hulusi Akar[148]. Parties signed an agreement on the development of military and technical cooperation between the two countries[149].

Photo: president.uz

On October 20, Shavkat Mirziyoyev also met with the US Central Commander Kenneth Mackenzie[150]. Experts say Uzbekistan is engaged in a massive build-up of its military potential due to the impending threats of terrorism in the region[151].

It is also worth mentioning that Hulusi Akara met with Kazakh Prime Minister Askar Mamin on October 26[152]. Experts are convinced that the visit of the Turkish Defense Minister relates to the ongoing conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh[153].


On October 27, Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on accelerating the privatization of state-owned enterprises[154].

Uzbekistan plans to drastically sell state shares in Uzbek enterprises. According to the document, these measures concern about two thousand state-owned enterprises[155]

A privatization move is made to foster a favorable investment climate in the country. Experts note that a systemic shortage of expertise in managing various market processes precipitates the fragility of economic growth[156].

Central Asia

Strategy change

On October 15, foreign ministers met via videoconference in Central Asia + Russia format[157].

Six ministers made a joint statement “On strategic areas of collaboration”, in which they expressed their readiness to expand interregional cooperation[158].

Experts say that initiates a new strategy of Russian foreign policy in Central Asia. From now on, Moscow will develop not only bilateral ties but also look at Central Asia as a single whole[159].   

This strategy is currently pursued by the United States, Japan, and the European Union.

Northern Economic Forum

On October 30, presidents of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan attended via video call the International Forum of Northern Economic Cooperation in Seoul[160].

The parties discussed joint counteraction against adverse repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the enhancing multilateral cooperation[161].

This material has been prepared as part of the Giving Voice, Driving Change – from the Borderland to the Steppes Project. The opinions expressed in the article do not reflect the position of the editorial board or donor.

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