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“Since 2010 when KG began it’s experiment with parliamentary democracy, which basically codified and legitimized the preexisting patronal politics and structures, KZ has been on edge and is keenly aware of the risk that a successful multi-party state could pose to its one-man rule”, – expert in Central Asian affairs from Prague, Chris Weed, reveals the underwater stones of the relationship between the Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

“Investments are the fastest growing sector of the economy, while the economy itself has been slowing down for the past three years. Notwithstanding world occurrences (i.e. China), the growth of investments in fixed assets by all means should provide an increase in GDP” – expert Sergei Domnin, writing specially for, analyzes the tendencies of Kazakhstan’s economy over the past several years.

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In our society, people are increasingly witnessing the horrific stories about friends, colleagues and even strangers who are victims of a terrible disease that is HIV. The mortality rate among HIV-positive people is increasing due to late detection of secondary diagnoses. In addition, the blame is often put on the doctors, who had then denied people with HIV status not only first aid, but also hospitalization, examination, and so forth.

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A few years ago in Shymkent, the story about spreading HIV infection caused a wave of anxiety among the population. Families were torn apart, people lost their loved ones. Misunderstanding and fear led to a bitter quarrel among close friends. Over the years, the subject of HIV in the region has become more open and more details emerged, though, unfortunately, more people have been affected by the disease.


Towards the end of January 2015, a resident of Temirtau living with HIV finally received infant formula for her child, for whom the breast milk substitute is required by law. The clinic that the baby was conceived in had not received baby formula since September of last year, that is for almost 4 months.

Let’s remind that 40 activists and several dozens of journalists detained in the different cities of Kazakhstan on May 21. Because of the protest actions against the amendments to the Land Code allowing foreign persons to lease farmlands up to 25 years.

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