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Experts say that jailing women has far-reaching societal repercussions.  The day starts early at Kyrgyzstan’s only women’s prison.  Around 300 inmates are woken at 6.30am at the facility in Stepnoe, a village close to Bishkek.

“Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia is a good example of how even a more or less free Fourth Estate can remain unable to affect change in society if key institutions and Western-style governance practices are not functioning and there is a lack of any “civil society ownership” on a mass scale,” – Political scientist Denis Berdakov examines the problems facing the development of the Kyrgyzstani media environment in this exclusive.

“A wise, far-sighted, and ‘soft’ Chinese foreign policy has in the past decade not only minimized but also reduced the influence of Russia and others countries in Tajikistan by creating a powerful pro-China lobby to influence policy both within the country and abroad” – expert Michael Petrushkov, writing specially for, gives the orientation of external actors’ foreign policies in Tajikistan.

What issues exist between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan? Which of them are real, slightly exaggerated, or overtly fictitious? Whether the two similarly minded leaders can or are even willing to resolve problems between the two nations is discussed in this special article.

“Investments are the fastest growing sector of the economy, while the economy itself has been slowing down for the past three years. Notwithstanding world occurrences (i.e. China), the growth of investments in fixed assets by all means should provide an increase in GDP” – expert Sergei Domnin, writing specially for, analyzes the tendencies of Kazakhstan’s economy over the past several years.

“With the presidential election in less than a year, the president and his party need to make remarkable efforts in a short period of time, given the low rating of the Social Democratic Party in the last election, in order to regain the population’s trust” – expert Zarema Askarova, writing specially for, analyzes the political situation in Kyrgyzstan.

“Tajik authorities have gone further with the majority of the country’s Internet providers having blocked a number of VPN proxies and other programs meant to circumvent web filtering.” – expert Nuriddin Karshiboev, writing specially for, assesses the latest developments in Tajikistan’s media sphere.