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“The dependence of Kazakhstan’s economy on the supply of equipment, software, and services from abroad in developing and maintaining Kazakhstan’s IT infrastructure increases the risk of rising costs in the event of changes in foreign policy and the world economy”, – expert Lesya Karataeva, writing specially for, writes about particular aspects of information security in Kazakhstan.

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The wholesale meat trade on the Osh Bazaar does not meet hygienic standards and this is even admitted by specialists and workers on the market. Average buyers do not have the opportunity to see with their own eyes the conditions under which the delivery, processing and distribution is done because the wholesale market starts work from 3:00 am.  The retail trade wherein most customers buy their products differs significantly from the wholesale trade.


Another building in the southern capital built by the state directorate for the reconstruction of Osh and Jalal-Abad begins to dilapidate. Inhabitants of the multi apartment house which was constructed for blind and deaf people and was only recently given up for rent have complained about the destruction of walls and the poor work done on the sewerage.


Every year, because of the carelessness of husbands dozens of healthy young women are infected with HIV, which is then transferred to their children. According to statistics, 70% of carriers of HIV are men, who do not warn their brides about the virus prior to the wedding. Tajik President Emomali Rahmon emphasized the key role of healthy and strong families in developing the country, and urged young couples to undergo a medical examination before marriage. However, HIV testing has a fee, public awareness is low, and sometimes people contract the virus in health facilities.

Four years’ absence will make it hard for LiveJournal to claw back its fans. The authorities in Kazakstan have unblocked the LiveJournal blogging website, four years after shutting down access to it.

Fewer jobs and a worsening exchange rate hits households supported by expats in Russia.A new law setting out tougher penalties for sex workers in Tajikistan is unlikely to curb the industry, as its roots lie in endemic poverty and unemployment.

Short of vehicles and staff, emergency services also find city traffic a problem. Ambulances in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek are supposed to arrive within 20 minutes of a call-out, but that rarely happens.

At least 400 Kazak nationals believed to be in Syria or Iraq.In mid-October, Kazakstan’s government added Islamic State to the list of designated terrorist organisations.

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A roundtable on “Military personnel rights” was organized in Rasht region by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in Tajikistan in cooperation with Public Association “Citizens Freedoms’ Office” with the support the Ombudsman Office in the Republic of Tajikistan.