Tajik Travel Companies Failed the Summer Season 01.09.20

The tour operators in Tajikistan assess the summer season’s results as disastrous and predict the situation’s aggravation.


Kyrgyzstan: Business Owners at Issyk Kul Try to Survive by Means of Domestic Tourists 04.08.20

Due to coronavirus pandemic, businesses cannot rely on foreign visitors this year. And the flow of domestic tourists is rather small. 


Replacing Turkey: This Summer Kazakhstanis Will Go On Vacation Within the Country

Coronavirus pandemic has given a surprising opportunity for the development and strengthening of domestic tourism. But whether Kazakhstanis will go on vacation within the country after its end mainly depends on business restructuring. 


5-Stan Podcast: The Problems of Tourism Industry Development During the Crisis Following COVID-19 Pandemic in Tajikistan 30.06.20

The world has yet to assess the damage from the economic crisis that erupted during the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, its destructive consequences appear already, and the tourism industry was the first to experience them. This podcast episode reveals how tourism in Tajikistan was affected and whether the damage to this sector of the country’s economy can be reduced. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: Travel Industry Relies on Compatriots

Bolot Isaev 08.06.20

The industry will seemingly fail to earn 700 million dollars as was planned.  Workers in this sphere hope at least to cover current expenses by means of domestic tourists. If the latter have spare money for tourism. (more…)

E-Visa to Tajikistan for Foreigners: A Service or a Problem? 09.08.19

Back in 2016 in Tajikistan, in order to develop tourism, the authorities introduced a new type of service – electronic visa (E-Visa). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan believed that it would simplify visa obtaining process for foreigners. However, travel companies and some tourists complain that these visas are difficult to obtain.

Tourism in Kazakhstan: Bad Roads, Inflated Prices 15.07.19

70 per cent of Kazakhstanis prefer to relax abroad rather than go to domestic health resorts. This is cheaper, more comfortable and affordable.

Tourism in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia: From Quantity to Quality

For further development of tourism sector, we need to transit from quantity to quality by switching to a higher paid market, according to experts of both countries.

Why Does Tajikistan Need to Develop Rural Tourism?

Rural tourism can become another mechanism for increasing the efficiency of Tajik agriculture and economy altogether.