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5-Stan Podcast: The Problems of Tourism Industry Development During the Crisis Following COVID-19 Pandemic in Tajikistan

The world has yet to assess the damage from the economic crisis that erupted during the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, its destructive consequences appear already, and the tourism industry was the first to experience them. This podcast episode reveals how tourism in Tajikistan was affected and whether the damage to this sector of the country’s economy can be reduced.

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Podcast in ZOOM call with Bahriddin Isamutdinov and Zarrina Babaeva. Photo: CABAR.asia
Podcast in ZOOM call with Bahriddin Isamutdinov and Zarrina Babaeva. Photo: CABAR.asia

The hosts – CABAR.asia Editors Lola Olimova and Muslimbek Buriev spoke with guests, experts in the field of tourism development: Bahriddin Isomuddinov, executive director of the public organization “Tourism Development Center” and Zarrina Babaeva, director of the Capeil consulting company, GoViral Fest Ambassador in Tajikistan.

How much has Tajikistan lost due to border closures in the current tourist season and what can be done to minimize the damage? Why, even in the best of times, tourism in Tajikistan does not generate such profit, as, for example, in Kyrgyzstan, and what has to be done to attract more tourists to Tajikistan? Why is internal tourism developed poorly and how can one instill a tourism culture and interest in traveling within the country to Tajiks? You will get answers to these and other questions from listening to the latest 5-Stan Podcast from Dushanbe.

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