The Future of Extremist Groups in Afghanistan Amidst Inter-Afghan Dialogue and Peace Process

Makhmud Giyosov 04.09.20

In this article, Tajik political analysts Mahmud Giyosov and Sherali Rizoyen reveal the Afghan warring parties’ stance on the peace process. A major issue for the Central Asian states in this process is the future of foreign terrorist groups that have citizens of post-Soviet countries in their ranks. (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: Amendments to Terrorism Law Will Create New Restrictions for Media

CABAR.asia 18.05.20

The new draft law of the State National Security Committee of Kyrgyzstan on amendments to the Civil Procedure Code, as well as to the law “On countering terrorism” are an attempted pressure against the freedom of speech and control of dissenting media, experts say. 


Tajikistan: How to Prevent the Spread of Extremism in Prisons    

Mazhab Djuma 10.04.20

The authorities see a solution in isolating prisoners convicted of extremism and terrorism in separate facilities, but this option also is risky. (more…)

Kazakhstan: Ethnic Kazakhs and Uighurs Fleeing China Feel Unsafe

CABAR.asia 21.02.20

The authorities of Kazakhstan are as careful as possible when it comes to protection of ethnic Kazakhs and Uighurs that fled Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region of China. (more…)

The Methods of Countering Extremism on the Internet Discussed in Dushanbe

CABAR.asia 24.12.19

On December 12-13, IWPR Tajikistan together with the Committee of Religion, Regulation of Traditions, Celebrations and Ceremonies under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and The Public Fund Civil Internet Policy Initiative (CIPI) Tajikistan held the Third Regional Forum on Preventing Violent Extremism in Digital Dimensions.


Kazakhstan Evacuated 14 Kids from Iraq

CABAR.asia 29.11.19

Kazakhstani diplomats organised the humanitarian action by order of the country’s leadership and by requests of kids’ mothers and relatives.

Pros and Cons of the Tajik Strategy Against Extremism and Terrorism

Sherali Rizoyon 15.11.19

Tajikistan’s strategy to counter extremism and terrorism recognizes the importance of attracting civil society institutions and every citizen, Tajik political analyst Sherali Rizoyon notes in his article written specifically for CABAR.asia. (more…)

Tajik Experts: The Attack on Border Post Is Unlikely to Affect Relations with Uzbekistan

CABAR.asia 07.11.19

An unknown group carried out an attack on the Tajik border crossing checkpoint “Ishkobod” is located near the border with Uzbekistan. The incident occurred on the night of November 6, Tajikistan’s Constitution Day.

Number of Prisoners Charged with Extremism and Terrorism in Kyrgyzstan Triples in Five Years

Bolot Isaev 21.10.19

According to experts, new approaches are needed for deradicalisation of such prisoners, but we have neither money nor specialists for that.


Uzbekistan Prepares Second Operation to Return its Citizens Back from Syria

The first group of the returned – women and children – are being examined and treated in health resorts and medical facilities of the republic.