Taliban’s Coming to Power: What Are the Risks and Challenges for the Region?

cabar.asia 30.07.19

 Why did Russia propose to exclude the Taliban from the list of extremist organizations? What will the possible inclusion of the Taliban to the Afghan government lead to? Ismoil Rakhmatov, an expert on the regional issues, tutor at the Tajik-Russian Slavonic University, believes that the possible coming of the Taliban to power can be equally dangerous for both Tajikistan and China.

Why Do the Zoroastrians in Tajikistan Hide Their Religious Identity?

The religious tolerance level in Tajikistan has recently decreased, as experts insist. According to them, the arising conflicts with the followers of Zoroastrianism are the example of this trend. (more…)

Does University Diploma Help with Employment in Tajikistan?

cabar.asia 26.07.19


Shahboz, a graduate of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Service, has been trading at the Ganjina market for the past two months. Although he graduated from the Institute two years ago, he did not find a suitable job for his profession.

Tajikistan’s Customs Gives a Go for the Inner Circle’s Cargos

cabar.asia 16.07.19

President Emomali Rahmon reiterated customs corruption, which leads to smuggling and budget losses. Parliament hopes for electronic invoices, experts believe that this problem cannot be solved without political will.

Political Debates Around Hajj: Tajik Experts on Fatwas Prohibiting Visiting Mecca

Tajik experts and clergy comment on fatwas of the famous Muslim ulama, who declared it impermissible to go for Hajj.

Land for Teachers: Resolution of the Government of Tajikistan Is Not Executed

cabar.asia 15.07.19

Every year, hundreds of young teachers in the Southern Tajikistan apply to the authorities to receive the land plots allocated to them, but only a few manage to obtain them.

Farkhor: A Year Later, the Victims of the Mudslide Have Not yet Received Housing

cabar.asia 12.07.19

Having suffered from last year’s torrential rains, the residents of a village in Tajikistan’s Khatlon region still have not received compensation from the authorities.

Fourteen Tajik Prisoners Dead: Mother of the Deceased Does Not Believe in Authorities’ Explanation 

cabar.asia 09.07.19

Fourteen Tajik prisoners died when transported from Sughd region to southern Tajikistan.

E-Government: Queues by the Registry Office in Tajikistan, Online References Issued in Georgia

cabar.asia 08.07.19

The level of e-government’s development in Tajikistan can be judged by the queues behind the registry offices’ doors.  (more…)

Tajik Businessmen Complain About Unreasonable Inspections and High Taxes

cabar.asia 05.07.19

While Tajik authorities report about developing business, the entrepreneurs themselves complain about high taxes and unreasonable inspections, close their businesses.