Photoreport: Why Does Tajikistan Need Lenin Monuments?

CABAR.asia 23.11.20

Even after thirty years, Lenin monuments and Soviet symbols still evoke nostalgia not only among Tajik communists, but also among ordinary residents of Tajikistan. The followers of communist ideology preserve some of the monuments, while others decay in abandoned places, where they were stored after dismantling.


Number of Divorces Grows in Tajikistan

CABAR.asia 11.11.20

The number of divorces is constantly growing in Tajikistan. This leads to numerous problems, especially for young women, who are traditionally parented to become only wives and mothers. Young women are left alone without education and profession, with little children, often without support of their parents who cannot provide for them.


When and How Will Central Asian Economies Recover From COVID-19?

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the issue of post-COVID economic recovery in Central Asia is already included in the agenda. International institutions and the expert research community’s representatives present various timelines of economic recovery to the pre-crisis level. Meanwhile, there are proposals about the transformation of the economic model itself.


Tajikistan and South Asia: How does the multi-vector foreign policy work?

Madina Arbobova 10.11.20

Countries such as India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are important partners for Tajikistan. However, with Russia and China present in Central Asia, not much attention has been paid to the South Asia region lately. The initially laid down multi-vector nature of Dushanbe’s foreign policy is no longer considered so relevant, but nevertheless, Tajikistan’s cooperation with its southern partners can still be called a priority. More in the following article for CABAR.Asia by specialist in international relations Madina Arbobova.


Tajikistan and Uzbekistan as Possible Drivers of Regional Cooperation in Central Asia

Rustami Sukhrob 22.10.20

Reestablished ties between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, despite the bilateral nature, can play a definitive role in bolstering intra-regional co-operation. An expert on international relations Rustami Sukhrob looks into the points of contact, problems and prospects for these two neighbouring countires and attempts to explain what implications their repproachment can bring for the rest of Central Asia.


The Registration of Foreign Trade Procedures Eased in Tajikistan. Will It Simplify the Businessmen’s Lives?

CABAR.asia 16.10.20

Tajikistan is the first Central Asian country, where the Single Window System was launched for registration of export, import and transit procedures. The developers believe that the system can simplify the work of entrepreneurs. We try to figure out whether this is true.


“As in the Soviet Union”. Presidential Elections were Held in Tajikistan

CABAR.asia 13.10.20

The incumbent President, Emomali Rahmon, as expected, won the election with triumph. According to the Central Election Commission, over 90 percent of voters voted for him. (more…)

Mountainous Yoged Village, a Phenomenon in Religious Discussions in Tajikistan

CABAR.asia 09.10.20

Yoged is the only village in Darvoz district of GBAO of Tajikistan, where the most residents profess Ismaili Shia Islam, unlike their neighbors who are Sunnis. While the differences in religious madhhabs lead to discrimination, conflict and violence around the world, the experience of Yoged residents can be considered unique. (more…)

Video survey: What Do Tajiks Think About the Belarus Protests?

CABAR.asia survey of the residents of the Tajik capital showed that the majority of Tajiks know about the protests in Belarus and have different opinions on the current events there.


Presidential Elections in Tajikistan: Candidates Will Congratulate the Winner with Flowers

No candidate debates, empty campaign offices, aggressive advertisement of current President Rahmon, attacks on supporters and relatives of the real opposition- this is how the presidential campaign of 2020 in Tajikistan could be shortly characterized. One of the registered candidates declared that he would congratulate the winner with a bouquet of flowers.