Tajikistan: Parents Are Outraged Over the Private Schools’ Requirements During Coronavirus Pandemic 29.05.20

Parents of private schools’ students in Tajikistan believe that they should not pay for the school break announced to prevent the coronavirus pandemic. Schools reply that they have financial obligations to employees, tax authorities and banks, so they will not get through it without parental contributions. The expert believes that the state should take burden of the parents and private schools. (more…)

Why Did Kazakhstan Fail The International PISA Assessment?

Kazakhstan had participated in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) for the fourth time. The test results fell below the performance of previous years. Research suggests the relationship between funding and quality of education. (more…)

Religion Studies in Kyrgyz Schools: Knowledge Against Radicalization 17.04.20

Starting from September 2020, the introduction of a new subject – “History of Religious Cultures” is planned in all schools of Kyrgyzstan. The subject has been evaluated during five years; experimental lessons are already taught in 56 schools of all regions of the country during this academic year.


Coronavirus Tests Central Asian Countries’ Readiness for Distance Education 10.04.20

Over the past few years, officials from the each state of the region have repeatedly mentioned the staged implementation of the distance education. The coronavirus emergency provided an opportunity to discover which country was the most prepared, or, to be precise, unprepared.


Education or a Threat: How Sex Education is Taught to Schoolchildren in Kyrgyzstan?

Erkina Asanbaeva 14.02.20

Kyrgyzstan has no sex education at schools except for extracurricular activities, which are poorly supervised by the management. Adolescents are told about the reproductive system in biology and anatomy classes, but there are no classes devoted to relationships between sexes.


One Third of Kazakhstan Schools Have Outdoor Toilets Only 05.12.19

Until 2021, the akimats of cities and regions of Kazakhstan should totally eliminate outdoor school toilets and build them inside educational institutions. This decision was taken after a schoolgirl was raped in an outdoor toilet. 


A Containers and Former Public Bath House. What are Schools Like for Kyrgyzstanis?

60 per cent of schools in Kyrgyzstan were built until 1980 meaning that they have used their resources in full and require major repair, according to the analysis performed by Bulan Institute. The problem with rural schools is a major problem.

“Skipped Lessons and Squeezed Money.” How Parents in Kyrgyzstan Cope with Gaming Addiction Among Children?

Olga Kovaleva 25.09.19

Kyrgyzstan has no official statistics regarding children who attend game clubs instead of school. However, psychologists and activists say parents seek their help to deal with the gaming addiction among schoolchildren.


Kazakhstan Schools in Disrepair: Through Hardships to the Knowledge 18.09.19

Kazakhstan still has operating schools that were built until the 1980s. They are almost unfit for classes, but their repair is underfinanced and construction of new schools is going slowly.

School racketeering in Kyrgyzstan: when silence is not gold anymore

Anna Zubenko 13.09.19

«Most of the measures against school racketeering are formal, but in reality do not affect the situation at all. The current system does not provide for an individual approach to violators,» – researcher Anna Zubenko, mentioned in her article written specifically for