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Photo report: Tashkent after quarantine mitigation

How the capital of Uzbekistan lives after the mitigation of the quarantine, imposed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic.

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Since August 15, 2020, quarantine measures have been relaxed in Uzbekistan, namely: free movement of vehicles during the day, domestic air and rail transport in compliance with sanitary standards and operation of public catering facilities in the open air, later indoors are allowed.

Summer terraces in cafes. Photo by CABAR.Asia

However banquets and mass events are prohibited, 2 metres between tables and other sanitary requirements must be followed.

A walk in masks. Photo by CABAR.Asia
Walks in the park after quarantine. Photo by CABAR.Asia

Museums, beauty salons and hairdressers are all allowed to operate under certain conditions.

Mass events visitors wearing protective masks. Photo by CABAR.Asia
Exhibition visitors wearing protective masks. Photo by CABAR.Asia

Up to 30 people are allowed to attend family celebrations and events.

Wedding. Photo by CABAR.Asia

From August 17, 2020 the following are allowed: vehicles movement in regions and cities, public transport operation, metro after a 5 months stop strictly in compliance with certain rules — temperature checks, wearing masks and gloves and social distancing.

After a 5 months public transport halt, buses and other urban transport have been launched. Photo by CABAR.Asia

From August 20, 2020 markets for goods and construction products are allowed to operate, as well as major stores that comply with certain rules.

Grocery goods market. Photo by CABAR.Asia
Market. Photo by CABAR.Asia


Salesman in the market. Photo by CABAR.Asia
New rules at trading markets. Photo by CABAR.Asia

Sports halls, fitness centers and gyms are also allowed to operate subject to certain rules.

Sale of masks and sanitizers are still relevant. Photo by CABAR.Asia

Public catering facilities (restaurants, cafes, teahouses) are allowed to operate from September 5th. The latter facilities are subject to the following sanitary requirements: advance notice of banquets and other mass events, ensuring social distancing between tables of at least 2 meters, customers accommodation of up to 4 persons (except family members) at one table;

Disinfecting the surface of tables and furniture after each client; Installation of disinfection equipment (ultraviolet lamps etc.) in buildings and in the air circulation system.

Cafe after quarantine, sanitizers on the tables. Photo by CABAR.Asia

Recreational and cultural facilities (only theatres and cinemas). The following sanitary requirements apply to the latter:

  • Installation of disinfection equipment (ultraviolet lamps etc.) in the air circulation system
  • Following social distancing rules and wearing masks (free replacement of masks, if necessary given the event lasts more than 2 hours)
  • Equipment of entrances and exits with pyrometers, disinfection facilities, sanitizers, temperature checks of every visitor at the entrance, or any signs of contamination at 37 C and above.
  • Cleaning of chairs and other furniture with disinfectant after each session;
  • Wearing medical masks and gloves;
New rules at public events. Photo by CABAR.Asia

Passenger transportation in minibuses is also allowed (except “Damas” vehicles). 

During the taxi services operation the drivers’ body temperature is measured with pyrometers before each trip in compliance with the quarantine rules, thus it is not allowed to work at a body temperature of 37 degrees or higher, prevent passengers without medical masks from entering the cabin;

The car is regularly disinfected before each trip (including each saddle), taxi drivers pass medical examinations daily, regularly pass the coronavirus test and are allowed to work only with a negative coronavirus test result.

Vehicles are allowed (after quarantine was lifted). Photo by CABAR.Asia

During and after the quarantine, bicycles became popular.

Bicycles became popular. Photo by CABAR.Asia

The school year for school children began on September 14th, partially online and offline. The choice was made by the children’s parents.

Schools after quarantine (with sanitizers). Photo by CABAR.Asia
Schools in Uzbekistan after quarantine. Photo by CABAR.Asia

This article was prepared as part of the Giving Voice, Driving Change – from the Borderland to the Steppes Project.

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