“Seeking a Job”: How Coronavirus Affected Migrants from Central Asia 01.04.20

The quarantine and economic recession in Russia can become a time bomb for Central Asia, according to experts.


Photoreport: Uzbekistan and Tajikistan During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How did the coronavirus disease affect the residents of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan?

Central Asia: Coronavirus Affects Changes in Food Prices 27.03.20

Despite the officials’ statements, there are problems with availability of certain items and price gouging in each of the countries of the region.

Photoreport: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan during the coronavirus pandemic

Asel Sultan 26.03.20

How Kazakhstanis and Kyrgyzstanis live in a state of emergency due to the spread of coronavirus infection.


Kazakhstan: The Reverse Side of Coronavirus

Today the world speaks about negative, already felt and expected, consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the situation has positive sides, yet incommensurable. (more…)

How Did Coronavirus Affect Tajikistan? 28.02.20

The entrepreneurs predict that deficit and price increase of Chinese goods are inevitable.