Ermek Baisalov 08.01.21

Despite the transformation of many processes due to the coronavirus pandemic, the past 2020 was marked by significant events for the Central Asian countries. The editorial staff of the analytical platform interviewed famous political scientists in the region to mark the most important events of 2020 and to analyze the development of events and trends for 2021.


Central Asian countries are currently trying to recover their tourism economies. Just like in the rest of the world, this industry in the region was affected one of the first and more than others. (more…) 19.12.20

Uzbekistan capital began preparing for the New Year already at the end of November. See more in our photoreport.


Empty shop windows, close food courts – this is what the majority of shopping malls look like in Kazakhstan today. Because of restrictions related to coronavirus, it is unprofitable for many boutique owners and public catering owners to work. The purchasing power sharply declined, while the rental payments were not cancelled.


Serdar Aytakov 11.12.20

The high-ranking officials of Turkmenistan confirm that the Covid-19 pandemic is a hypothetical risk for the country, which is tackled successfully by the government. However, the socioeconomic situation in the republic proves otherwise.  


Gulnaz Mustafa 10.12.20

Almost half of restaurants and cafes of Kazakhstan went bankrupt due to lockdown measures since early 2020, according to professional market players.
(more…) 23.11.20

How the capital of Uzbekistan lives after the mitigation of the quarantine, imposed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic.


Olga Ruslanova 16.11.20

Kyrgyzstan again faces the growth in coronavirus cases. 61 hospitals have been opened all over the republic for coronavirus patients. The majority of them have been opened in the south of the country.


During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the issue of post-COVID economic recovery in Central Asia is already included in the agenda. International institutions and the expert research community’s representatives present various timelines of economic recovery to the pre-crisis level. Meanwhile, there are proposals about the transformation of the economic model itself.

(more…) 04.11.20

Dozens of countries suffer from the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic now. In many of them, the number of diseases is even higher than before. It’s critical in this situation not only to practice hygiene, communications, prevention, but take this information very carefully.