Photoreport: Quarantine Is Back in Tashkent

CABAR.asia 10.07.20

The special republican commission for countering the spread of coronavirus in Uzbekistan decided to strengthen quarantine restrictions from July 1. (more…)

Tajikistan: Dilemma Between Health and Survival

CABAR.asia 09.06.20

A month has passed since the presence of coronavirus has been officially recognized in Tajikistan, but despite the expectations of the population, a quarantine regime has not been introduced. From the restrictions, the authorities ordered secondary schools to be closed until August 16 and prohibited mass events.

Uzbekistan Gradually Lifts Quarantine. Residents Complain About Slow Pace

CABAR.asia 05.06.20

Uzbek authorities are gradually lifting quarantine restrictions, despite new cases of COVID-19 infection. They decided to revive the economy before it is too late. (more…)

Experiences of Labor Migrants in Kazakhstan During COVID-19: Leave or Stay?

Aizhan Kakenova 01.06.20

In this economic instability faced both by public and by the government, there is one group left behind all possible parachutes and safety opportunities. This group is ethnic migrants.


How Will the Economy of Kazakhstan Recover From the Coronavirus?

CABAR.asia 25.05.20

Economists predict global economic collapse amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kazakhstan, an oil-producing country with a non-diversified economy will be adversely affected.


Strengthening and Vulnerability of the Kyrgyz Police in the Fight Against COVID-19

Anna Zubenko 19.05.20

«Against the background of expanding the powers of the law enforcement agencies and limiting control mechanisms, the risks of corruption, unlawful actions and abuse of authority has increased,» mentioned by researcher Anna Zubenko, in her article written specifically for CABAR.asia.


Tajikistan: transparency is needed to effectively fight the coronavirus [interview]

CABAR.asia 18.05.20

Mirzo Hojimuhammad, a top Tajik doctor, notes that the authorities were late in recognizing the existence of the coronavirus. (more…)

Photoreport: Tashkent During Quarantine

CABAR.asia 15.05.20

How does the capital of Uzbekistan live under the strict quarantine to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic?

Photoreport: how COVID-19 affected life in Tajikistan

CABAR.asia 14.05.20

Coronavirus has been raging for the second week throughout Tajikistan. (more…)

How Did Business in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Respond to the Coronavirus?

Region’s business conditions during the coronavirus pandemic.