How Will the Economy of Kazakhstan Recover From the Coronavirus?

CABAR.asia 25.05.20

Economists predict global economic collapse amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kazakhstan, an oil-producing country with a non-diversified economy will be adversely affected.


Strengthening and Vulnerability of the Kyrgyz Police in the Fight Against COVID-19

Anna Zubenko 19.05.20

«Against the background of expanding the powers of the law enforcement agencies and limiting control mechanisms, the risks of corruption, unlawful actions and abuse of authority has increased,» mentioned by researcher Anna Zubenko, in her article written specifically for CABAR.asia.


Tajikistan: transparency is needed to effectively fight the coronavirus [interview]

CABAR.asia 18.05.20

Mirzo Hojimuhammad, a top Tajik doctor, notes that the authorities were late in recognizing the existence of the coronavirus. (more…)

Photoreport: Tashkent During Quarantine

CABAR.asia 15.05.20

How does the capital of Uzbekistan live under the strict quarantine to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic?

Photoreport: how COVID-19 affected life in Tajikistan

CABAR.asia 14.05.20

Coronavirus has been raging for the second week throughout Tajikistan. (more…)

How Did Business in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Respond to the Coronavirus?

Region’s business conditions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Authorities of Kyrgyzstan Speak of Rise in Domestic Violence during Lockdown

CABAR.asia 04.05.20

Lockdown and financial problems cause jumpiness in families and lead to conflicts and violence.


Kazakhstan: Domestic Violence Complaints Doubled, but Nowhere to Run From the Abuser

In Kazakhstan, women’s organizations are raising alarm and calling on authorities to take action against abusers and aggressors.


Coronavirus in Tajikistan: Authorities are not demonstrating decisiveness yet

CABAR.asia 01.05.20

Three months after the global pandemic, COVID-19 has now been detected in the country. Experts emphasize that while the neighbouring countries have passed the critical phase of fighting the virus and are gradually beginning to ease the quarantine, the difficulties for Tajikistan are only ahead.

Why Did Kazakhstan Announce Easing of Quarantine Rules?

Yuriy Buluktayev 29.04.20

“Now the question is what position the post-quarantine will put the people in. The coronavirus epidemic cancels many of the earlier gains for one and all,” political analyst Yuriy Buluktayev notes in his article for CABAR.asia. (more…)