Tajikistan: Why Is Rogun HPP Construction Delayed?

cabar.asia 19.07.19

“The authorities have to realize that “political investments” do not work anymore. For geopolitical games, there is not enough money. Especially, for such an ambitious project as the Rogun HPP. An investor (external or internal) can only be interested with profits now”, Marat Mamadshoev, an analyst from Dushanbe, states in his material for CABAR.asia.

Khatlon Clerics’ Competition: Healthcare Centers, Schools, Lenin Monument

cabar.asia 04.07.19

In Tajikistan, the clergy want to restore their reputation and return their former social status.

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cabar.asia 21.06.19

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What Do Children Returned from Iraq Need?

cabar.asia 20.05.19

The Tajik authorities assert that the medical examination and treatment of children returned from Iraq continues, and further steps will be taken to implement programs for their return to families. However, the Tajik expert believes that the measures that government takes are not enough.

Funeral Payment. Who Can Get It And How Much One Can Get?

In Kyrgyzstan, the state partially compensates for expenses incurred by citizens for the arrangement of the funeral. However, few people are aware of it, although all citizens can get it according to the funeral payment regulations.

Russian Language Status in Central Asian Countries

«The Russian language still has a considerable potential to be used as a soft power tool in Central Asia, but that potential is steadily declining», – independent researcher Nurbek Bekmurzaev notes in his article written specifically for analytical platform CABAR.asia.

IWPR Central Asia Vacancy Announcement: Project Coordinator for Central Asia based in Bishkek

cabar.asia 25.02.19

We are looking for the Project Coordinator in Bishkek to manage the IWPR Central Asia project on New Media Development and Thinking in Central Asia.


Ruslan Izimov: Turkmenistan’s view of TAPI

cabar.asia 17.05.18

“Occupying sixth place in the world for natural gas reserves and having at least five promising gas export routes, today Turkmenistan exports in only one direction – the Chinese one. This sees about 30 billion cubic meters flow annually to China” – states expert Ruslan Izimov in an article written especially for cabar.asia. (more…)

Ermek Baisalov

cabar.asia 14.05.18

Ermek Baisalov has graduated from the American University in Central Asia with a degree in International and Comparative Politics in 2010. He began his career at the Danish Refugee Council in rebuilding the city of Osh after the events of 2010, then worked in various international development organizations. Ermek took part in international election observation missions as a long-term observer in such countries as Afghanistan, Ukraine, Kosovo, etc. In 2017 he received a master’s degree in Politics and Security from the OSCE Academy in Bishkek.

Ermek has passed the school “Masters of the Analytics and Experts” organized by the Center for Public Policy in Bishkek in 2018. Research interests: regional security, political processes in Central Asian countries, prospects for the development of regional international organizations (SCO, CSTO, EEU and CIS), elections and decentralization.