Kyrgyzstan: What’s Wrong with New Draft Law “On Information Manipulation”? 26.05.20

The document was brought up for public discussion. It must protect the Kyrgyzstanis from fake or unreliable information on the internet. In fact, it imposes censorship and violates the right to the freedom of speech. (more…)

The armies of the countries of Central Asia: numbers and real combat effectiveness

Zulfiya Raissova 22.05.20

After the USSR collapse, all the republics that gained independence created their own armed forces. decided to analyze military strength of the Central Asian countries. 


Kyrgyzstan: Counter Extremism Strategies Need Modification

Inga Sikorskaia 19.05.20

Preventive measures of countering extremist ideology leading to violence require more comprehensive approaches than just blocking and penalties. (more…)

Photoreport: Tashkent During Quarantine 15.05.20

How does the capital of Uzbekistan live under the strict quarantine to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic?

Photoreport: how COVID-19 affected life in Tajikistan 14.05.20

Coronavirus has been raging for the second week throughout Tajikistan. (more…)

Coronavirus COVID-19 Map of Central Asia [being updated] 09.05.20

Data on the number of infected, recovered and died of coronavirus in Central Asian countries.


Donor Activity in Central Asian Countries since 1991

Arsen Omuraliev 30.04.20

This article discusses the distribution of international donor assistance for development in five Central Asian countries from 1991 to 2018. Assistance to Central Asia was distributed unevenly, each state in the region has a different amount and type of financing.


Tradition of Head Covering in the Culture and Religions of Kazakhstan 24.04.20

A women’s headscarf is not just a beautiful accessory or a religious garment. In the old days, white headscarf used to mean the end of wars and conflicts for some nations. Today its meaning goes far beyond religions or national traditions.


Religion Studies in Kyrgyz Schools: Knowledge Against Radicalization 17.04.20

Starting from September 2020, the introduction of a new subject – “History of Religious Cultures” is planned in all schools of Kyrgyzstan. The subject has been evaluated during five years; experimental lessons are already taught in 56 schools of all regions of the country during this academic year.