Kazakhstan Drafts New Animal Protection Law

Zulfiya Raissova 10.09.20

According to experts, cruelty to animals must be deemed a criminal violation. (more…)

True or False: How Women in Kazakhstan Are Raped and Killed

Asel Sultan 03.09.20

We have prepared a quiz with real and made-up cases of regular Kazakhstani women who have faced violence at home and in public places. (more…)

Experts: Including Animals to the Red Data Book in Kazakhstan Does Not Help Increasing Their Numbers

Zulfiya Raissova 02.09.20

The fact that an animal is listed in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan does not always positively affect its conservation, experts believe.


“They say” Podcast: Is It True That Migrants Are Not Welcomed in Any Country? 01.09.20

What are the consequences of the stereotypes about labour migrants? How does they affect the lives of migrants and the local population of the host country? Why is it necessary to address the issues of overcoming the stereotypical perception of labour migrants in a society and who should do this?


Hunting Animals Listed in the Red Data Book in Tajikistan 26.08.20

The number of some animal species listed in the Tajikistan’s Red Data Book has increased. However, poaching remains a problem. (more…)

5-Stan Podcast: How to Combat Violence in Tajikistan?

As recently as two years ago, the topic of domestic violence received little attention in the Tajik media. Now, the situation has changed, and the tabooed topic is actively discussed. (more…)

How well are you aware of Covid-19? Take a quiz!

It’s been more than six months since the outbreak of Covid-19, also known as coronavirus, in the world. The World Health Organisation, government of every country have taken various measures to reduce the scope of its spread among people since the beginning of the pandemic.

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One of the key measures is a wide scale awareness campaign designed to prevent human’s infection with this virus.

Take a quiz and check how well you are aware of all precautionary measures, and what measures should be taken if you have Covid-19, after all.

Adoptions in Tajikistan: Everyone Wants to Adopt a Newborn Boy 18.08.20

In Tajikistan, there is a high demand for the adoption of newborn babies, boys mainly. (more…)

The Third Decade of Independence: How Fast Does the Central Asian Population Grow?

During the past 10 years, the population of Central Asia has been increasing by an average of one million people annually. Despite the low living standards and high mortality rate in some countries, experts predict the further growth of the region’s population.


Half of the Kyrgyz Villages Have Problems With Drinking Water Accessibility

More than 300 villages in Kyrgyzstan never had a water supply system, according to the Department of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation. In another 600, there is no clean water due to the worn out water pipelines or the frozen works on the water pipe installation. (more…)