Photoreport: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan during the coronavirus pandemic

Asel Sultan 26.03.20

How Kazakhstanis and Kyrgyzstanis live in a state of emergency due to the spread of coronavirus infection.


Kyrgyzstan: How Religious Communities Make Use of Modern Technologies? 24.03.20

Representatives of various religions are actively trying to use modern technologies. Progress of the means of communications provide a good opportunity to find new followers, to communicate with each other, to learn about other faiths and religions. 


5-Stan Podcast: How Local Elections Might Affect Parliamentary Elections in Kyrgyzstan? 20.03.20

How local elections might affect parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan? Will the elections be postponed due to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic? On pro-government parties, the political landscape, and new technologies in the podcast.


Turkestan – A Unique Religious Centre of Kazakhstan 17.03.20

Despite the fact that the current territory of Turkestan region of Kazakhstan used to be the centre of Sufism, now it is a home for representatives of various faiths, including Islam, who live peacefully here.


Uzbekistan: Women’s Work

A market provides a microcosm of part-time, seasonal or informal employment. (more…)

Alcohol Consumption in Central Asia

Alcohol consumption is a social issue in Central Asia. The authorities of countries in the region regularly hold campaigns to reduce alcohol consumption and improve the citizens’ health. The issue nonetheless remains relevant and data on the region presents compelling numbers and trends.

(more…) Podcast: On the Non-Medical Consequences of Coronavirus in Central Asia 25.02.20

Will coronophobia come to Central Asia? On the non-medical effects of coronavirus in the region.

Rural Clubs: Vanishing Regional Culture of Kyrgyzstan

Cultural centres or rural clubs that used to be cultural centres in the regions of Kyrgyzstan are now in deplorable condition and are not used as intended.


Trends in Modern Labor Migration in Central Asia

Zulfiya Raissova 13.02.20

Migrant workers make up a significant part of the Central Asian population, who are abroad. Previously, the main flow of migrants worked in Russia. However, over the past five years, the geography of labor migration has changed.


Discrepancies in Customs Statistics of Central Asian Countries

Jyldyz Sarieva 24.01.20

Recently, various publications circulate materials on the difference in commodity circulations between Central Asian countries and major partners. Deficiencies were indicated in the figures between the figures of the customs services of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan with China. This article shows attempts to identify a similar situation in other countries of the region.