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“Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia is a good example of how even a more or less free Fourth Estate can remain unable to affect change in society if key institutions and Western-style governance practices are not functioning and there is a lack of any “civil society ownership” on a mass scale,” – Political scientist Denis Berdakov examines the problems facing the development of the Kyrgyzstani media environment in this exclusive.

“With the presidential election in less than a year, the president and his party need to make remarkable efforts in a short period of time, given the low rating of the Social Democratic Party in the last election, in order to regain the population’s trust” – expert Zarema Askarova, writing specially for, analyzes the political situation in Kyrgyzstan.

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The wholesale meat trade on the Osh Bazaar does not meet hygienic standards and this is even admitted by specialists and workers on the market. Average buyers do not have the opportunity to see with their own eyes the conditions under which the delivery, processing and distribution is done because the wholesale market starts work from 3:00 am.  The retail trade wherein most customers buy their products differs significantly from the wholesale trade.

Another building in the southern capital built by the state directorate for the reconstruction of Osh and Jalal-Abad begins to dilapidate. Inhabitants of the multi apartment house which was constructed for blind and deaf people and was only recently given up for rent have complained about the destruction of walls and the poor work done on the sewerage.

The women, who have left country on earnings, become vulnerable doubly. In the report, “The women and children from Kyrgyzstan are involved in migration” noted that in increasing frequency the Kyrgyz women, which are going abroad, get to sexual slavery.

Until today, the Internet is the most important instrument of socialization. Children, have forced out from their life forms of social and physical activity such as reading books, walking in the fresh air, games at the playground. 

“There are three versions of succession of events: transfer of power by “palace games”; a mutiny of power-wielding authorities  and coming to power someone on bayonets  from military; and also elections within the law”.

We have invited to the interview the journalist Aida Kasymaliyeva — the author of the documentary film about early marriages in Kyrgyzstan, to discuss those sides that Aida was able to see during shootings, through the journalist’s prism. 

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