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Own house gives a sense of security, reliability and confidence in the future. However, not everyone manages to save the amount required to buy so desirable square metres. A mortgage can become a way out of this situation.
(more…) 12.01.21

What are the causes of air pollution in Kyrgyzstan? What are the consequences of this for the population? Are there results of monitoring of air quality, which is carried out on an ongoing basis? What measures is the government taking to combat smog and reduce the harm of small particles? (more…) 11.01.21

According to preliminary data, Sadyr Zhaparov won 79.2 per cent of votes, while 80.99 per cent of voters voted for the presidential government in Kyrgyzstan. 


If people support this initiative, the Kurultai and its decisions will become binding. However, this initiative has a lot of opponents. (more…) 25.12.20

Kyrgyzstan has the waste problem along with economic and political issues. First, hundreds of spontaneous dumps can be seen around the city. Second, rubbish bins in Bishkek are often overfilled.

Kyrgyzstan is holding early presidential election on January 10, 2021. 63 persons were going to run for president. However, not everyone made it to the pre-election race.

The basic law of Kyrgyzstan provides and guarantees a lot of rights and privileges for the citizens. (more…)

It’s quite easy to fall into a trap in a modern world full of information and developing «scam technology».


The regulation “On conditions and procedure of generation and supply of energy with the use of renewable energy sources” entered into force in Kyrgyzstan on November 15, 2020. It determines the new rules in the “green” energy market in the country.


Zulfiya Raissova 27.11.20

Every 20th taxi ride ends with harassment of interviewed women. Most often, women do not know how to react to harassment, so they prefer to keep silent until the end of ride. After the trip ends, they try to forget about what happened. Moreover, the women said that most often, taxi drivers ask questions about their private lives, try to get to know each other closer, and if a woman refuses, they block the doors. (more…)