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Olga Ruslanova 13.04.21

During the past 10 years, foreign investors withdrew more than $5 billion of profits from the Kyrgyz companies. Of these, 16% were withdrawn in 2020.


Anara Abdullaeva 08.04.21

A draft constitution will be put to the plebiscite. It is remarkably different from its current version – both by its agenda and by the distribution of authorities.


Anara Abdullaeva 05.04.21

The widespread penetration of internet into daily life causes new types of issues. For example, the harassment and insult of a person on social media and other platforms.


Anara Abdullaeva 25.03.21

Despite the weak economy of Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz som is considered one of the stable currencies in the CIS. You can learn about this and other interesting facts from our quiz.


Ermek Baisalov 12.03.21

Within the past three years, over a thousand different protests have taken place in Kyrgyzstan. What is the difference between them?

(more…) 03.03.21 has prepared information about who, when and what for created this special women’s day.


Anara Abdullaeva 18.02.21

Many workers in Kyrgyzstan are unaware of their labour rights. This quiz will help you to fill the gap in your knowledge.


The coronavirus pandemic is a reason to revise the migration policy of Kyrgyzstan, experts say. (more…)

Anara Abdullaeva 11.02.21

Since the end of last year, officials have discussed this issue, yet with little details. We have tried to find out what is known about this complicated topic so far.


The foster care system started developing in Kyrgyzstan in 2012, but first foster families appeared only in 2014. In this period, foster parents welcomed over 200 children.  (more…)