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What are the Heads of Central Asian Governments Remembered For?

The countries of Central Asia gained independence at about the same time, however, their further political history developed independently. In a comparative analysis, one can see the similarities and differences in the state structure, as well as in how the prime ministers of the Central Asian countries were appointed, resigned, and what they were remembered for.

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Since gaining independence, eleven prime ministers have replaced each other in Kazakhstan. Their subsequent political careers developed in different ways. While some subsequently moved even further in political or business circles, others, apparently, were disappointed in big-league politics and left it forever. For example, one of the former prime ministers was later elected to the presidency, and two more went into business after their resignation and are now on the Forbes list. Conversely, for some, things went downhill, for example, one left politics, another went into opposition and is hiding abroad, and another was convicted of corruption crimes and was removed from office. Let us take a closer look at each case, in chronological order.


Kyrgyzstan holds a record in the post-Soviet space for the change of heads of government. For 29 years of independence, 23 prime ministers have changed in Kyrgyzstan, not counting temporary appointments, and acting prime minister. What are they remembered for, and how did they leave their posts?


In 1994, a presidential form of government was adopted in Tajikistan. According to the new constitution, the government is headed by the president, where the prime minister has limited powers. The president appoints the prime minister, ministers and their deputies, and the parliament approves one or another candidate. An interesting fact is that four out of eight prime ministers of Tajikistan come from the city of Khujand, which is the second largest city in the country.


Turkmenistan is the only country that has had only one prime minister since independence. According to the current Constitution of 1992, a presidential form of government operates in Turkmenistan, where the head of government is the president, and the post of prime minister is abolished.



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