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Test: How to Get Alimony for a Child in Kyrgyzstan?

There are nearly four thousand alimony non-payers with debts ranging from 260 to 20 thousand dollars in Kyrgyzstan. Take a test prepared by CABAR.asia and try to win justice and alimony payments from a second parent of your child. 

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Our thanks to lawyer Aidina Dyo for helping to prepare the test.

Every fifth couple in Kyrgyzstan gets divorced. One third of them break up within five years of marriage. Over 13 thousand children are left with one parent, most often, with mother every year. 16.5 thousand children in Kyrgyzstan are born out of wedlock, and half of them do not know their father. Most likely, they will never know who their father is because they have blank “father” entry.

According to official data, 92 per cent of alimony non-payers are careless fathers. Therefore, our test is on behalf of a woman. However, you can take it regardless of your gender as the issue is the responsibilities of parents and child’s rights.

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