Test: How well do you know prime ministers of Kyrgyzstan?

CABAR.asia 03.07.20

Take a test prepared by CABAR.asia and check how well you know about activities of heads of the Kyrgyz government.  (more…)

Kyrgyzstan: Human Rights Activist’s Fate Depends on the Public

CABAR.asia 26.06.20

 Initiation of a criminal case and arrest of human rights activists Kamil Ruziev drew public response in the civil society of Kyrgyzstan. His colleagues believe security agencies will act in the case of the human rights activist depending on the public reaction. (more…)

Divorce and Alimony: What Do Women in Kyrgyzstan Struggle for in Courts?

The most widespread lawsuits that women in Kyrgyzstan file are divorce and recovery of alimony payments. They make 85 per cent of all family cases at bar.

Coronavirus puts Tajik-Kyrgyz border negotiations on hold

CABAR.asia 19.06.20

As the number of clashes and conflicts increases, the local population on both sides demands from their authorities more active and effective work in resolving disputes along the border.


(Non)-Secular Kyrgyzstan or Compliance with Equal Attitude Principles in Republic

The Constitution of Kyrgyzstan has it that religion does not interfere in public administration, yet this principle does not always apply. 


How Much Will COVID-19 Cost for Kyrgyzstan?

Olga Ruslanova 11.06.20

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every single country in the world. Kyrgyzstan was no exception. Despite the fact that rates of infection and mortality in the republic are relatively low compared to other states, the country’s economy has been severely affected by internal restrictions and borders closure.

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan: Coronavirus Aggravates Unemployment

Gulnaz Mustafa 10.06.20

Coronavirus pandemic has hit not only business, but the labour market of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. 


Kyrgyzstan: How Suitable Is the North-South Alternative Highway?

Alibek Mukambaev 05.06.20

Kyrgyzstan is now building on credit an expensive mountain road that would need major repairs already in five years. Was there an alternative to the North-South highway? (more…)

5-Stan Podcast: How to Resolve Conflicts on the Border Between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan?

CABAR.asia 28.05.20

For many years, the border problems between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan can not only be resolved, but they often go into a pressing conflict phase. This issue of the podcast is dedicated to finding answers to current questions on this topic.